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KicK | Five IRL streamers dominating the platform

The platform that aspires to dethrone Twitch continues to attract top talent. As of today, however, the purple platform remains by far the leader in content. Nevertheless, other platforms like Kick dream of dethroning Twitch from the No. 1 spot.

Kick, in particular, has been striving to steal more notoriety from Twitch. To achieve this, it has already offered substantial contracts to people with profiles such as Ninja or Amouranth, who have managed to storm the bench.

But now, with the entry of the IRLs, the platform is also on the rise. These “in real life” videos are becoming increasingly popular in English and Spanish. That’s why today we’re bringing you a list of the five IRL accounts dominating Kick.

Adin Ross

Adin Ross has been acclimating us to seeing him broadcasting his daily life more frequently, even though it is neither his specialty nor his main “content outlet.” Not only does this content creator have the ability to show us places like Japan, but he has also done broadcasts with celebrities like Dana White. He is one of Kick’s main sponsors and is permanently banned from Twitch.


This list will show several content creators who have had their Twitch accounts permanently suspended. One of them is IcePoseidon. Despite being banned from Twitch, this content creator is succeeding on Kick. Paul “IcePoseidon” Denino stands out for participating in several Kick duathlons and broadcasting on other websites, such as YouTube. He is also known for his constant traveling. He has visited Thailand, South Korea, and India in just over a month. He is one of the content producers who has fought in the DAZN Fighting Nights “special,” which is the icing on the cake.

Imjoel 3004

This South Korean content creator has become one of the best-known content creators on Kick. He has maintained an average viewership that always follows him no matter what he does on his IRL broadcasts, despite having the smallest following of the streamers on this list. On the other hand, Imjoel 3004 streams on YouTube just like IcePoseidon, allowing us to watch him on either platform.

Sam Pepper

Sam Pepper is a controversial streamer, largely due to pranks he made on YouTube in the past, but he has since moved to the new platform. He has established himself as another mainstay IRL on Twitch and socializes with other video producers, such as IcePoseidon, who he recorded in India.


To end this list, we couldn’t leave out the newest IRL content creator on Kick. During the last few months, Suspendas has been a controversial streamer who has had a difficult time in terms of criticism for various controversies both inside and outside the streams. He is IcePoseidon’s partner in the IRL. Although he occasionally stirs people up for attention, his community seems to like him.

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