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Kick crosses 100M viewing hours threshold for first time in August

It has also managed to increase its average number of viewers by a significant 13%, although the number of active streaming channels has dropped.

Although Twitch’s dominance in the streaming sector is undoubted, anything that improves the competition and scratches a little bit of the Amazon giant’s pie is always welcome as competition is much needed. And although in this case Kick has not been exempt from certain controversies, the truth is that it is obtaining very interesting results, including a record in August, which we analyze with the help of Streams Charts.

In terms of monthly figures, August was the first time that Kick has reached 100 million hours of viewing since its inception. This continues its trend of improving viewing time month after month, and the average viewership has also increased by 13%. However, after a steady increase in peak viewing between May and July, last month’s growth hit the red, dropping 25%. Something that, as you know, we do not consider extremely relevant despite the importance that some sites are giving to this parameter.

After launching earlier this year, the Stake-backed company has been slowly gaining ground in the industry, helped by the fact that it has been able to incorporate industry giants such as xQc, Amouranth and yourrage.

Of course, the development is not as marked or as consistent as it was during the spring, but there are enough signs to suggest that we can expect much more from the green platform. Finally, despite the high bot activity in July, last month saw a higher average growth in concurrent and average online viewers.

As with other platforms, the number one category on this list is Just Chatting, which grew by a whopping 33% from July to record 34 million hours of viewing. However, its peak concurrent audience fell by an almost similar number, proving that retaining viewers during a rebroadcast simultaneously is not such an easy task.

In second place is Slots & Casino, which may be far from the top spot but grew by 57% over the previous month. In fact, it grew in almost every metric throughout August, showing that there has been a proliferation of new streamers in this genre. It is followed by Grand Theft Auto V, which saw the biggest monthly increase of 700%, thanks to mrstiventc, buddha, drb7h and orangemorange being very active following Rockstar Games’ update on Cfx.re: the team. behind the developer’s largest creator and RPG communities, FiveM and RedM.

In fourth place is Others, Watch Party, which moved up one spot this month by improving its viewing hours a bit over July. Rounding out the podium is Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, which also moved up a spot in August and experienced a nice 180% jump in its concurrent peak viewership.

The last five positions in the Top 10 have three games (Fortnite, Overwatch 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) and two categories. One of the latter is Pools, Hot Tubs & Bikinis, which fell from fourth place in July as initial excitement around Amouranth’s entry waned.

It should also be noted that Overwatch 2 has been a huge success across all platforms following the release of its sixth season and its launch on Steam. Celebrity streamers like xQc, who played it for several hours, helped it rack up some very solid numbers of viewing hours and reach this spot in the rankings.



Adin Ross is back at the top of the chart after losing the top spot last month, and the former Twitch star continues to push the boundaries of what seems acceptable and what doesn’t when live streaming. In any case, he continues to enjoy massive online support as fans flock to watch each of his streams.

In second place is xQc, who is putting up an exciting battle with this month’s leader to be the most watched streamer on the platform each month. Next is fousey, who comes into the rankings in August thanks to a “subathon” that had its ups and downs but kept the audience’s interest.

Westcol is in fourth place, which was the same position it finished in during the July ranking, although its number of viewing hours drops by 17% because it spent less time streaming. In fifth place is trainwreckstv, which returns to the list after missing last month, and its retransmissions are mainly focused on the gaming genre.

Topping the list of female content creators is a familiar name, Amouranth, who remains the most prominent name among female streamers on the green platform. The American’s popularity on Twitch was quite high, but her move to Kick seems to have propelled her into a new gear, and fans continue to wait with anticipation for her every move and stream.

Crystal is in second place this month, a jump of three spots from July despite her number of hours played dropping 16%, a general trend seen among the top five. It is followed by Corvifeon, which also climbed six places to move up to the August podium even though it had an identical drop in its monthly stats.

The core content for these content creators continues to be categories such as Swimming Pools, Jacuzzis and Bikinis and ASMR. However, one name stands out in that regard, Chopstix concentrates 95% of its time on playing Fortnite, and based on audience response, we may see it continue with this strategy in the near future.

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