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Jujutsu Kaisen: How Did Yuta Okkotsu Take Over Gojo’s Body

Jujutsu Kaisen manga chapter 261 left many fans shocked with Gojo’s return. However, it was revealed that Yuta controlled Gojo’s body. Yuta is definitely one of the most essential characters in the anime. If we remember, he was the main character in the JJK 0 movie.

So, is it really true that Yuta took over Gojo’s body in JJK chapter 261? Fans are having a pool of questions regarding this drastic Gojo return. So, let’s find out the details as to how Yuta did it!

Gojo and Yuta’s Shocking Defeat

The legendary and almost never-ending fight between Sukuna, the King of Curses, and Gojo occurred not too long ago in the manga. However, knowing that both of them are incredibly strong sorcerers, the battle doesn’t end soon. Despite Gojo doing his very best until the end, he couldn’t win against Sukuna. Sadly, he ended up losing the battle along with his life. 

Sukuna cruelly split Gojo into half after passing through Gojo’s infinity. After his demise, many sorcerers including Yuta jumped onto the battlefield. But he didn’t jump instantly after Gojo’s demise. He had to wait for some time since he was given the mission to take care of Kenjaku with Todo’s help.

After successfully killing Kenjaku, Yuta rushed to the battlefield where he fought against Sukuna. But with Megumi unwilling to help, he was cut down. And that’s when the focus of the battle shifted to Yuji Itadori. 

Yuta’s Plan B

Now Yuji did exceptionally well against Sukuna. But while he was doing that, Yuta already started working on Plan B which was to take control over Gojo’s body and return to the battlefield. Of course, this wasn’t an easy decision for him but he still did it, 

So, Yuta used the power of his copying technique to take over Gojo’s body. But how did he actually do it? The answer lies in Kenjaku’s defeat. After he defeated Kenjaku, Yuta was able to copy Gojo’s technique with a little help from Rika. He took over Gojo’s techniques but Yuta initially wanted to fight Sukuna on his own as seen in his flashbacks. 

Yuta was dying and the only way for him to survive was to possess Gojo’s body which was sliced up. But Shoko had already stitched it up properly. The rest was up to Yuta’s choice and he was able to finally take over Gojo’s body and use maximum reverse cursed technique to heal the remaining injuries, bringing Gojo’s body to life. 

The Three Possibilities

Fans should know what’s going to happen next. They should keep in mind that Yuta’s technique will be working for only five minutes which means that nobody knows what’s going to happen afterwards. So, there are three possibilities that might affect Yuta. 

The first one is that Yuta will die after five minutes. The second possibility is that he’ll lose his life slowly. The last possibility is that Yuta might get trapped inside Gojo’s body forever and continue to live like him. 

The only way fans can find out what’s going to happen next is to wait until the five minutes are up. For those five minutes, Yuta is going to take full control over Gojo’s body and maximize his powers to the best. 

Will Yuta Win or Lose Against Sukuna

The battle just got spicier and nobody knows what’s going to happen next. It’s all up to Yuta and his fate. JJK Fans hope the best for Yuta and still hope for Gojo’s return. To find out what happens next, stay tuned to Jujutsu Kaisen manga!


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