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‘Jason Bourne’ franchise gets new installment, possibly by Oscar-winning director

A new installment within the Jason Bourne series is currently being worked on. This can be read on the website of American entertainment website Deadline. Not only does the production have regular lead actor Matt Damon in mind, but the film would also be canned by director Edward Berger, who won an Oscar with Im Westen Nichts Neues.

Great news for fans of the popular action film franchise Jason Bourne. Universal Pictures is working on a new part. So report sources surrounding the production to U.S. entertainment website Deadline. Although the project is still in the pre-production phase and could go either way, there do seem to be a number of things on the table. For example, it is planned that Matt Damon, who starred in four of the five parts, will once again return for the sixth, but that the direction will go to a whole new name. Not previously involved filmmakers like Doug Liman, Paul Greengrass or Tony Gilroy, should be canning the film, but German director Edward Berger, who won an Oscar last year with his WWI film Im Westen Nichts Neues.

Bourne series

The Bourne series is a series of spy films based on the books by Robert Ludlum. The series began in 2002 with The Bourne Identity, followed by The Bourne Supremacy in 2004 and The Bourne Ultimatum in 2007. These three films were directed by Paul Greengrass and were a great success with audiences and critics. In 2012, The Bourne Legacy was released, a spin-off of the series starring Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross, another former CIA agent. This was followed in 2016 by Jason Bourne, a sequel to the original trilogy. The series of films raised a total of over $1.6 billion, of which over $400 million is attributable to the last film in the series. Certainly not a bad return, but content-wise the film did not exactly turn out to be anything to write home about. Certainly not compared to the first part, which is still considered one of the better action films of all time.

Back in 2020, producer Frank Marshall let it be known that he was interested in a sixth installment and that it should indeed be canned by a new director. “I do love the Bourne series and I believe there is an opportunity for different filmmakers to work on it,” Marshall told Collider. “So I hope we can find a new story for Jason Bourne and a new filmmaker. That’s what we’re looking for at the moment.” When more is revealed about the upcoming film the series, you will of course read about it here.

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