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ISO Gets Nerfed After Just Two Weeks of Buffs – Valorant Patch Notes

Valorant is set to receive some changes again in its next patch, particularly aimed at the agent ISO. These changes were announced by Penguin, one of the developers working on the game. ISO was clearly dominating ranked play for the past weeks. His win rate skyrocketed overnight along with his pick rate. Almost every team was running an ISO, and agents like Raze seemed to be out of the meta. While Epic wanted to increase the pick rates of both ISO and Neon, they seemed to have buffed ISO a bit too much. The shield buff was being called out by almost every pro as a broken feature in the game. This article will break down the upcoming nerfs and their potential impact on gameplay.

Removal of Two Kill Reset

In the upcoming Patch 9, Episode 9, the developers are removing the two-kill reset mechanic from ISO’s E ability, Double Tap. Currently, ISO gains an additional charge of Double Tap if he secures two kills during a round. This feature will no longer exist after the patch.

Reduction in Duration

In addition to removing the reset, the duration of Double Tap is being significantly reduced. The ability’s duration will be cut from 20 seconds down to 12 seconds. This nearly halves the time ISO can utilize Double Tap in a round.

Goal of the Changes

The primary aim of these adjustments is to limit ISO’s ability to dominate rounds with multiple activations of his Double Tap. By reducing him to one activation and shortening the duration, developers hope to create a clearer window for opponents to challenge and counter this duelist. ISO has been particularly strong in ranked play, boasting the second-highest win rate and the third-highest pick rate in the latest patch. The developers intend these changes to balance ISO’s impact without completely removing his viability in the game. While the developers designed these changes to balance ISO, some players are concerned that they might be too harsh and could potentially render him less relevant. Striking the right balance is crucial to ensure ISO remains a competitive choice without being overpowering.

Additional Content Rollout Changes

Patch Schedule Adjustments

Valorant is also adjusting its content rollout schedule starting from the next patch. While the patch itself will still go live on Tuesday or Wednesday, other content like new agents, maps, rank refreshers, and battle passes will now release a bit later, typically on Wednesday. The in-game store will now update with new bundles every Thursday. This might extend to Friday in some regions like Asia. This change aims to streamline the release schedule, although the exact reason for the change remains unclear.

The upcoming nerfs to ISO in Valorant’s next patch are significant, aiming to balance his strength in the game. We expect that removing the two-kill reset on Double Tap and reducing its duration will make ISO less dominant in matches. Additionally, changes to the content rollout schedule will alter how and when developers introduce new updates and items to players. These adjustments are Valorant’s ongoing efforts to maintain a balanced and engaging gameplay experience.

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