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Is Wuthering Waves Worth it? | GAME REVIEW

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Mobile gacha video games have emerged as a significant gaming trend. Yet another brand new competitor, Wuthering Waves, sails in a sea of vibrant titles, promising futuristic aesthetics and kickass action. But a great premise doesn’t mean smooth waters. Today, we will fairly review Wuthering Waves’ gameplay mechanics, narrative, and the value it holds. So, let’s dive right into the topic!

Wuthering Waves Plot

Wuthering Waves is known for its similarity with Genshin Impact. Both are role-playing games and have tons of characters with unique abilities. Wuthering Waves is set in a modern world changed by the Lament, a terrible natural catastrophe. 

This particular interstellar disaster has produced unusual creatures and also hurled humanity out of hand in the universe. Players have the Rover – a mysterious character that awakes after an extended time of sleeping following the Lament. The Rover is amnesia-affected and must discover his past and purpose in this new reality. 

Players navigate through space, collect a collection of unforgettable characters, and also undertake missions. These missions will probably concentrate on determining the Lament’s significance, reshaping the Rover’s lost identity, and perhaps helping reconstruct a crashed human race.

How does Wuthering Waves Work?

Mechanics and Unique Features

Wuthering Waves is an action fighting and strategic teambuilding gacha game. You will collect characters of various rarities by way of a gacha process with various abilities and capabilities. 

Building a team whose strengths complement one another is essential to winning action-based battles. Resource management during battle is another level of strategy. 

Discovering the open world offers you missions, secrets, and resources to progress. Missions will probably enhance your character and give you some good rewards for finishing them. 

Additionally, it might include extra mechanics including weapon systems, character enhancements & social elements – though details continue to be worked out.


The main story campaign will take you between 14 and 20 hours based on your pace and just how great of a player you are. However, that’s not everything!

The benefit of gacha games is their replayability. You can still go on to explore the world after the main story is finished, gathering far more heroes, attending special events, and continually honing your team. So, the playtime can easily extend a lot longer, particularly in case you become hooked on collecting & battling!

Is Wuthering Waves Worth Your Investment?

Wuthering Waves is one of those games that you must purchase in case you love flying through space fights and constructing your own personal crew of cool characters with exclusive abilities! There is a galaxy to explore and many secrets to find out. 

However, this is a gacha game, so purchasing the most effective characters may involve investing actual money. Additionally, the story advances gradually in the game, and also it is new so there could be some bugs. Therefore, in case you are on a budget or simply want a great story, try Wuthering Waves! We hope this Wuthering Waves game review helped you. Let us know your thoughts about this game in the comments down below!

  • Intriguing Sci-Fi Setting
  • Engaging Combat/Team Building
  • Open World Exploration
  • Replayability Potential
  • Slow Story Pacing
  • Gacha Monetary Model
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