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Is Warframe Still Good? | GAME REVIEW

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Warframe Still is a free role-playing game that also offers third-person shooting. You play as Tenno, belonging to the race of warriors who are in the middle of a war in the galactic system. The Tenno use Warframes to fight. Today, we will review Warframe Still for you and find out whether it’s worth it or not! So, let’s get into the review!

Warframe Still Review

Warframe is an action RPG based on sessions. Missions are performed among the galaxy’s planets, each of which has specific locations and mission types, including survival, capture, and excavation.

Each mission offers a list of objectives to accomplish before moving onto your ship. Everything beyond the primary story missions may be played in parties of 4 people.

Warframe includes cross-save & cross-play, so you can utilize one account on every platform that you access. Additionally, it plays the same version on all platforms, which means gamers on PC, PlayStation, and Switch can all participate in the exact same mission.

Different Playstyles

There are currently 50 Warframes that you can build to fight with and each of them has its own sets of powers and abilities. Most Warframes also have the “Prime” versions which have increased capabilities. Warframes must be built in your own ship’s Foundry using different resources and blueprints accomplished by winning from bosses and completing missions, and quests.

In 2024, Warframe Still is one of the best games to play due to its fast-paced story and different playstyles. Warframe unleashes a bunch of various Warframe characters on you with varying advantages! No 2 Warframes are just alike. There are sneaky ninjas, serious gun types and magical spellcasters. This variety enables you to select your playstyle and encourages you to strive to discover your inner space warrior!

Time Expenditure

Warframe boasts thousands of hours of content, rendering it nearly an infinite game. There are primary quests to finish to unlock the game’s primary places, but most of the time spent on the title’s missions is spent cultivating loot and loot.

The completion times of HowLongToBeat differ wildly – several players state they have finished the primary story in more or less 600 hours while other players take more than 5,000 hours to finish.

Warframe’s story missions, planets, maps, and weapons are continuously being updated. The Nightwave system is also a no-cost battle pass – you can do every day and play the weekly quests to obtain exclusive things and cosmetics for a limited time.


Warframe is entirely free to enjoy. Get the complete game today. Microtransactions may also be available, paid out for using the premium currency, Platinum – or even exchanged for actual cash.

Some of the items you can purchase with Platinum are Weapon and Warframe Slots to keep your brand new products while crafting, accelerating the crafting timer in the Foundry, purchasing skins for your equipment, or just purchasing Warframes, weapons, and materials themselves.

However, it’s not true that you don’t have to spend a penny on this game. If you want to buy an item, players mainly use Warframe Market, a robust, player-driven marketplace where you can trade and purchase items for Platinum and also ship them to other players.

Worth it or Not?

Now, the real question is, if Warframe Still is good or not. It’s definitely worth giving a shot, with so many different playstyles, unique stories, and maps, Warframe Still continues to impress gamers. Do let us know your thoughts about this Warframe Game Review in the comments down below!

  • Free-to-play model with extensive content
  • Diverse gameplay with 50 unique Warframes
  • Cross-save and cross-play features
  • Engaging story and fast-paced action
  • Grindy gameplay
  • Presence of microtransactions
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