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Is V Rising Worth It? | GAME REVIEW

User Rating: 8.1

Would like to try out “V Rising” but are unsure in case it is worth your time/money? You have arrived at the right place! This can be your guide for this game. We have reviewed its story, graphics, and overall gameplay to help you decide if this game is the right one for you. Whether you are a dedicated gamer or just curious about new releases, check out our thoughts on whether V Rising is worth your time!


In this open-world game, you’ll be a vampire who will create a big spooky castle, explore the outer world, collect some information, and fight big bosses for brand-new skills and abilities. Additionally, it includes PvP fights where players can fight one another in an intensive duel.

Unique Mechanics

The sunlight avoidance concept in V Rising is highlighted as a unique aspect that sets it apart from other survival games. As a vampire, you need to avoid direct sunlight which can quickly drain your health. It adds an extra layer of strategy, requiring you to navigate by taking advantage of shadows cast by the environment like trees or clouds. This sunlight avoidance mechanic sells the authentic vampire fantasy feel.

The ability to construct elaborate, multi-story castles with a wide range of decorative options is another standout feature that differs from typical survival game bases.

Combat & Advancement

The combat in V Rising is praised, being compared to action RPGs with cooldown-based abilities, dodging, combos etc. Defeating bosses unlocks points to spend across different magic skill trees, allowing flexible and varied character builds.

The crafting of equipment follows a more streamlined approach with defined weapon/armor pieces to pursue, rather than dealing with random loot variations.

Time Expenditure

How long it takes to play V Rising depends totally on your playing style. The main story takes more or less forty hours to finish (including each boss battle) for solo players or small teams in PvE mode. Getting to 100% success can stretch playtime to about seventy-five hours.

Your individual playtime might differ. In case you like building or PvP, you will be spending longer in the game. Overall, V Rising delivers over forty hours of engaging content without becoming tedious and blah.


V Rising is selling for USD 34.99 USD per PC through Steam. A few optional DLCs can be found (mainly cosmetic) but aren’t needed for the complete game. Below are the DLCs offered:

Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack: EUR 19.99
Founder’s Pack: Eldest Bloodline:USD 29.99
Sinister Evolution Pack: USD 9.99
Dracula’s Relic Pack 2: USD 9.99

These packs refine your vampire outfit and castle without impacting core gameplay.

Player Feedback

Survival crafting queen Jacqueline Zalace is a huge admirer of V Rising and claims it avoids becoming a clone of its predecessors. The new and thrilling experience has satisfied her survival crafting itch. She loves the modification of options to make solo endgames simpler.Unique Sunlight Avoidance Mechanic

Charles Burgar, typically not a fan of survival video games, considers V Rising to be a highlight. It solves numerous issues he has with the genre through excellent fighting, significant progression, and remarkable castle-building mechanics. Although he tends to shun survival games, he nevertheless recommends V Rising because of its quality combat and endgame resource grinding.

So, Is V Rising really Worth it?

Yes! V Rising is really worth it. It brings old survival crafting mechanics to life with its own modern mechanics. Whether you like the genre or even generally avoid it, V Rising provides a huge world to discover. Its mix of building, fighting, and survival techniques is pleasurable for almost all levels of gamers. V Rising is a must-add-to-your-collection in case you like survival games or are curious about the distinctive vampire setting. 

  • Unique Sunlight Avoidance Mechanic
  • Engaging Combat System
  • Flexible Character Progression
  • Streamlined Crafting
  • Limited Longevity for Solo/PvE Players
  • Potential Repetitiveness
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