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Is This Upcoming Game Going to Kill Valorant? – All You Need to Know About Fragpunk

Fragpunk is one of the latest threats to Valorant, and it looks ready to play for everyone. The game is very similar to Valorant and has abilities playing a significant part in the game. Developed by Bad Guitar Studios, this free-to-play shooter is set to launch next year on almost all platforms. A closed alpha gameplay testing went live, and it already looks ready for launch. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Valorant killer.

5v5 Hero Shooter

At its core, FragPunk is a 5v5 shooter. Players match up with four other teammates, each selecting a hero known as a Lancer. No duplicates are allowed, at least not traditionally. Players choose their weapons from a selection that is more grounded than fantastical. Depending on the mode, teams either attack or defend the objective.

Is This Just Valorant?

When first jumping into FragPunk, the Valorant similarities are undeniable. There are differences, though. Players can sprint, abilities refresh each round, and instead of buying weapons with money, each weapon has a set number of uses. Run out, and that weapon is no longer available for the rest of the match. The weapon selection is more free-form, but many familiar mechanics from Valorant apply here: peeking and camping lanes, planting and disarming the bomb (known as the Converter), and creating barriers to seal off potential flanking routes.

The gunplay feels good and deceptively deep. Players are well advised to hop into training to figure out each weapon’s spread pattern and recoil.

Playable Lancers

The “we have Valorant at home” connotation may persist when looking at certain playable heroes. Broker uses a rocket launcher and cluster grenades like Raze but can also throw down smokes to obscure sightlines. Nevertheless, there’s a vast set of options here inspired by one hero shooter or another. Zephyr’s cloaking and assassination skills bring the Spy from Team Fortress 2 to mind, but she can also teleport via dagger beacon. Kismet’s detection is similar to Sova’s recon bolt but she can also Rift Walk, a risk-reward endeavor since other Lancers or their gadgets can’t be seen while it’s activated. Some Lancers are better based purely on utility alone, while others, like Nitro, could use some fine-tuning. They’re an eclectic bunch with unique designs aided by the over-the-top art style.


The variety of weapons is also solid all around, with nine categories in total: shotgun, submachine gun, assault rifle, light machine gun, marksman weapon, sniper rifle, pistol, utility gun, and the de facto melee weapon. Each fits its niche, though assault rifles, SMGs, and the singular sniper tend to take precedence. Utility guns allow any team member to deploy smoke and other gadgets, while melee weapons support charged attacks that deal more damage.


Four maps were available during the playtest: Now, Tundra, Tulix, and Outpost. Between the corridors, corners, boxes, and doorways, the sightlines and layouts are familiar. However, each map has unique properties that add to the strategy. Tulix, for example, features ruins with overgrowth and crumbling walls, allowing players to flank opponents through openings or crouch in tall grass. While this may not save players from eagle-eyed opponents, it provides a few milliseconds to get the first shot off.


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