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Is the End of an Era SBC Worth It? EA FC 24 SBC Guide

It’s been a wild week for football with the recent Champions League finals hype. EA FC 24 was also flooded with content throughout the weekend. EA was on point this week with TOTS guaranteed SBCs and new evolutions that upgrade players to 95+ when done right. An end of an eras cards have also entered the mix this week starting with Manchester United’s Anthony Martial. In this post, we’ll look into it all and navigate through various coin-making options for the week.

Top SBC to Complete This Week on EA FC 24

Anthony Martial SBC

This week’s EA FC content kicked off with the SBC release of an end-of-an-era or flashback Anthony Martial. This card looks solid but hasn’t received many upvotes on FUTBIN. Martial’s card is technically sound, with good stats but lacks the much-desired five-star skill moves and weak foot. For Manchester United fans, it’s a decent option for those needing a French striker in their lineup. He links up well with the likes of Dembele and Mbappe, regardless of which version they are.

Daily TOTS Upgrade Packs

Moving onto TOTS Packs, the Bundesliga TOTS upgrade pack was re-released yesterday. Based on previous weeks, it’s expected that this week we might see the Ligue 1 TOTS upgrade pack as well. These packs are relatively cheap to craft, costing around 80,000 coins, and offer a good chance of obtaining 94+ rated players.

EA FC Hero and Icon SBCs

A new hero SBC featuring a 90+ rated hero from Fantasy or Golazo series was introduced. This SBC requires an 85 and an 87 rated squad. Additionally, the 89+ rated icon SBC, which includes players from Team of the Year, Future Stars, and FUT Birthday, is available again. While the hero SBC offers a limited pool, the icon SBC is appealing but would benefit from including Golazo icons.

Today should also see the release of the Ligue 1 TOTS guaranteed SBC. This SBC is expected to be similar in cost as the previous weeks, which is around 63,000 coins. While it offers a chance at top-tier players like Mbappe, the truth is that many will end up with lower-value players from the pack. Either way, high-rated fodder can be exchanged for 51 gold players, allowing the completion of multiple other SBCs.

Incesive Pass Evolutions & Coin Investment Trends 

This Incesive Pass has paved way for a  wide range of upgraded cards. The requirements are lenient, allowing many Team-of-the-season cards to be upgraded. This has led to a surge in market activity as players seek to acquire cards to fit into this Evolution. Unlike surrendering players for SBCs, this evolution allows players to upgrade their existing favorites for 100k coins. This may look expensive, but it isn’t when compared to current market prices.

The Evolution has made it possible to create highly rated cards, leading to increased market activity and price fluctuations. For instance, players are investing in high-value cards like Ginola to upgrade them, which further devalues the market as coins are removed from circulation. For now, players are spending coins on SBC completion rather than on players needed for their squads. Investing in and reselling highly sought-after SBC players is the way to go this week.


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