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Is Soulmask Good? | GAME REVIEW

Soulmask is a sandbox survival game that starts with your rescue from a bloody sacrifice ritual. You discover on your adventure an old mystical mask with magical abilities that can alter the world you once knew! This game is interesting with unique concepts and today we’ll be finding out whether Soulmask is a good game or not! So, let’s dive in in this Soulmask Game Review!

A World Like No Other

Soulmask transports you into an entirely different world. It is not like your usual post-apocalyptic stories that give you a zombie nightmare. Rather, Soulmask includes diverse environments – from jungle to mountains. But the kicker will be the mystic, ancient feel. Ruins scattered about and unusual finds point to a past civilization – providing a degree of suspense for your existence.

The Mask and Its Power

The titular mask is exactly where Soulmask locates its soul and heart. This intriguing artifact is not only for display. It lets you beat the tribesmen you run into. Imagine fighting alongside a wild warrior or perhaps a scheming hunter! This particular concept provides a completely brand-new view of enjoying the survival genre.

Creating Your Tribe

Forget going solo! Soulmask makes you want to build your tribe. Tribesmen may be captives who can help you collect resources, improve defenses, and conquer hurdles the world throws at you. This brings a strategic component to the title since you have to control your tribe to keep them healthy and alive.

Beyond Survival

Even though remaining alive is a high priority, Soulmask is a lot more than that – a simple survival mechanism. But there is far more to the mystery. Secrets are within the ancient ruins and masks dotted all over the world whispering of a forgotten time. You will discover even more about the mask and your brand-new world as you move along.

Is Everything Sunshine & Rainbows?

Soulmask is a fascinating experience but since it is still a new game and several users have reported glitches and bugs. Occasionally the animations also feel a bit clunky. Additionally, the capture of tribesmen might not appeal to everybody. Several players might like a classic, lone-wolf survival style.

The Verdict

Is Soulmask great? It will depend upon what you want. If you are a veteran survival game player searching for a new experience with a twist then Soulmask is absolutely worth looking into. The world is smooth and fascinating, the mask mechanic is an intelligent level and the narrative results in a greater mystery to investigate. But in case you are a bug-happy individual or like a polished experience, you need to certainly wait till several updates drop down below.

Nevertheless, Soulmask is a game with lots of potential. It’s a compelling world, a distinctive mechanic along with a dash of mystery. It might be a genuine treasure in the survival games genre if given some polish and refinement. So, what do you guys think about this game? Let us hear your thoughts now and give Soulmask a review!


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