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Is Planet Coaster Worth It? | GAME REVIEW

User Rating: 9.2

If you LOVE building things and get the dopamine rush from doing so, Planet Coaster is THE ONE for you. This construction management game focuses on providing players with a real-time simulation of the world of Planet Coaster. You can build your global village and be the owner of it, sounds cool, right? Let’s find out if this game is worth your time and money with our thorough planet coaster game review!

Your Inner Tycoon Shows Up

Planet Coaster gets you deeply into theme park administration. You will build everything from high-velocity rollercoasters to whimsical teacup rides while managing budgets, staffing, and guest satisfaction. The detail is excellent. From the surroundings and stores to the queues and landscaping you can personalise every square inch of your park.

Making Your Dream Coaster

The coaster design method is definitely the true star of the show. Imagine a toolbox stuffed with tracks, loops, inversions, and ‘terrain-hugging twists. Planet Coaster lets you make coasters that challenge gravity and logic (in a great way). This enables you to make coasters that are both frighteningly fun and incredible – we are able to not beat that!

A Feast for All the Eyes

Planet Coaster also offers satisfying graphics, loads of texture and information, and sleek animations, which make your theme park a reality. In order to see your park full of shrieking kids and your coasters provide physics-defying thrills is a total joy. The sound is also as great, with engaging music and sound effects that simulate the speed of a theme park.

The Not-So-Perfect Turns

Planet Coaster is not without its flaws, it’s either detailed or creative. Performance is a problem as well, particularly on the weaker machines. Lags & stuttering can result from massive, complicated parks. And the management element is also superficial compared with some classic tycoon video games. You certainly keep finances under control and guests happy though it is not as deep as you may think.

Community Creations and Thrills Beyond Imagination

A good point of Planet Coaster happens to be its growing online community. From meticulously detailed coasters to whole pre-built theme parks, the Steam Workshop is jammed with player-created content. This stream of brand-new content keeps always keeps things interesting. And the fact that you can make friends on your journey of building the biggest theme park of your life is simply so cool! 

So, Is Planet Coaster worth it?

For people wishing to develop their very own theme park and unleash their inner coaster engineer, the answer is a unanimous yes! The detail, the creating tools, and the animations by themselves make Planet Coaster a genre gem. But if you would like a convoluted and deep management experience, go somewhere else.

The Final Verdict

Planet Coaster is a cool theme park simulator with detail and creativity. Searching for that interactive sandbox to create the amusement park of your dreams? Get ready to play Planet Coaster. However, just beware of performance problems and a lighter management side. We hope this Planet Coaster Game Review helped you to know if it’s worth your time. Let us know your thoughts about the game, Planet Coaster, in the comments down below! 

  • Excellent coaster design tools and creativity
  • Impressive graphics and atmosphere
  • Active community with user-created content
  • Ability to build and manage your own theme park
  • Performance issues on weaker machines
  • Management aspects lack depth
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