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Is Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Worth Watching? | ANIME REVIEW

User Rating: 7.8

Ever wish you could get a totally clean slate and start over in some kind of magical fantasy land? Leave all your past mistakes and baggage behind for a brand new adventure? Well, the anime Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation brings that wild concept to life, but with some pretty out-there twists. Take a look through this Mushoku Tensei anime review.

The Premisemushoku tensei review

The story follows this 34-year-old loser, a total shut-in pervert with no direction in life. Until one day, he selflessly saves a stranger from getting hit by a truck and ends up dying himself. But rather than being the end, it’s actually a new beginning!

The dude gets reincarnated as a baby named Rudeus in this gorgeous fantasy world filled with elves, demons, and incredibly, magic! And the shocking part? Despite being reborn, he still has all the memories and experiences from his previous life. 

A Vast and Engrossing Worldmushoku tensei review

From the start, viewers get transported into an immersive, richly detailed realm. The magic system feels fleshed out with unique spells and mechanics. Moreover, the story spans multiple engrossing story arcs that chronicle Rudeus’s journey, his childhood, days as a tutor, adventuring quests, and an eventual emotional family reunion. This epic scope keeps the narrative feeling fresh over 23 episodes.  

Meaningful Character Growth

While the reincarnation premise seems common, Mushoku Tensei stands out through its character development. Rudeus gradually evolves from his perverted former self as he experiences this wondrous new world. 

His earnest bonds with family and friends, like the fierce Eris, become the heart driving the story forward. Rudeus’s enigmatic interactions with powerful gods and demons also hint at a grander, overarching conflict brewing.

The Drawbacks: Fan Service

Unfortunately, Mushoku Tensei’s biggest weakness proves to be its excessive fan service and sexualized depictions involving minors. The early episodes, in particular, feel bogged down by perverted comments and compromising scenes that will likely disgust and alienate many viewers. While not explicitly pornographic, these gratuitous ecchi elements often undermine the solid storytelling and worldbuilding.

Impressive Production mushoku tensei review

On a more positive note, the animation quality shines with lush, vibrant backdrops and fluidly choreographed action sequences. The musical score and opening/ending themes effectively complement the highs and lows of Rudeus’s journey. It’s clear the studio invested significant effort into the production values.

The Final Verdictmushoku tensei review

All in all, Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation provides an engaging, well-produced isekai adventure worth experiencing, if you can look past the excessive fan service. Buried underneath the perverted elements lies a rewarding fantasy tale with great worldbuilding, meaningful character arcs, and an entertaining overarching narrative. Approach with caution regarding the mature content, but give it a chance if the premise intrigues you. That’s all for our Mushoku Tensei anime review. Leave your thoughts on the comment section.

  • Richly detailed fantasy world
  • Interesting magic system
  • Epic narrative scope
  • Meaningful character growth
  • Impressive animation and visuals
  • Excessive fan service
  • Sexualized depictions involving minors
  • Early episodes bogged down by perverted content
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