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Is Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Map Making a Return Soon? Metallica X Fortnite Confirmed

Earlier this year, Fortnite leaked its second OG season and confirmed it to be Chapter 2 map. Before we enter the OG season, Chapter 5, Season 3 still has a ton of content yet to drop. While Season 3 has not had the greatest of starts, the Mad Max collab will end at some point, making way for better content. Don’t give up on the game yet because it’s filled with cars and explosives as of now. Epic will calm things down soon, so hang in there till then. In this post, we’ll look into everything that has been revealed about Fortnite’s future in Season 3 and a possible Chapter 2 map return

The Vanishing Llamas

Many players were caught off guard as llamas, the beloved mascots of Fortnite, disappeared from the island for the first time in five years. While llamas have undergone transformations over the years, their sudden absence has stunned the community. Perhaps this departure hints at forthcoming crossovers and events that will reshape the Fortnite landscape. Let’s be honest with ourselves: the exclusion of llamas caught everyone by surprise, but llamas have changed over the past few years.

At the launch of Fortnite, llamas literally gave players everything they wanted and were highly sought after. As years passed by, the mechanics of llama loot changed, and it ended with llamas just dropping heals and ammo. The new medallions available to players allow for unlimited ammo, and I’m guessing this is where Epic decided to remove llamas from the game. It’s only logical to go for the medallion and not for llamas if all players got was ammo.

Teasing Crossovers & new Mythic Weapons

Amidst the llamas’ disappearance, the island abounds with subtle hints of upcoming crossovers. A mysterious pirate-themed chest near the Leviathan and passive bosses signal an imminent collaboration with Pirates of the Caribbean. Additionally, leaked files suggest a Metallica concert in Chapter 5, Season 3, adding to the hype of what’s to come. Metallica’s inclusion into the island came along with a rumor of a mythic weapon as well.

Many leaks suggest that a mythic guitar is set to enter the island and would perform similarly to the boom box that was introduced years back. This item might just take down cars and builds, allowing players to counter explosives with the sonic audio waves.

Secret Collaborations and Chapter 2 Map References

Season 3 is not just about gameplay updates; it’s a treasure trove of hidden references and collaborations. From the introduction of the Tribeam Laser Rifle, a subtle nod to Fallout, to unexpected animations like C3PO’s reactions, Fortnite is filled with details waiting to be revealed. As Season 3 progresses, subtle changes on the island hint at the grand reveal of Fortnite OG2. The evolving map, coupled with hints of returning seasons from Fortnite’s past, fuels speculation about what lies ahead for the game’s future.

The black hole event was an iconic way for Fortnite to introduce new maps into the game. We’re most likely going to see a similar event and then head straight towards Chapter 2. The likes of Midas and the henchmen will most likely make a return into the game, allowing players to relive the golden days.  In Fortnite history, players played out Chapter 2, Season 1, making it one of the longest seasons. Hopefully, the return of this map will be as successful as the OG season that was played out last season.

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