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Is Destiny 2 Still Good? | GAME REVIEW

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Long a looter-shooter genre staple, Bungie’s Destiny 2 has been in existence for nearly ten years. Amid the whirlwind of updates, continual expansions along with a meta that keeps Guardians (Destiny 2 players) guessing constantly, one burning question burns bright: Is Destiny 2 still worth checking out in 2024? Here is Destiny 2 Game Review.

The Gameplay: A Fusion of Shooter and RPG Elements

Basically, Destiny 2 is a combination of first-person shooter principles and MMO components. The gunplay and combat feel very fulfilling with fluid shooting mechanics and a broad range of powers and abilities. Switching between standard firearms and space-bending abilities is a breeze and keeps the action moving.

Its endgame activities are a significant strength of the game. Raids and dungeons are cooperative tasks which call for teamwork, strategic thinking and communication. These activities remain the crown jewels of Destiny 2’s content options, testing the abilities of even the most experienced gamers.

The Storytelling: A Rollercoaster Ride

The storytelling in Destiny 2 has included mixed expansions. While several, including “The Witch Queen”, have kept players guessing at their characterizations and plots while others, including “Lightfall”, have left a bitter taste. The storytelling quality has been a rollercoaster ride, with lows and highs which either boost or distract from the experience. Since the release of Destiny 2: The Final Shape in June 2024, which concluded the Light & Darkness Saga, the story’s future direction remains to be seen.

The Monetization Conundrum

One of the most significant criticisms leveled at Destiny 2 is its convoluted monetization model. Players must navigate a labyrinth of paid expansions, seasonal content, cosmetics, transmog, and event cards, creating a constant financial burden. This approach has left many feeling nickel-and-dimed, even after investing in the base game and expansions.

Furthermore, Bungie’s decision to remove previously purchased content has drawn ire from the community. Paying for content that could potentially be taken away feels like a betrayal of trust and has contributed to a sense of uncertainty among players.

PvP and Microtransactions: Stumbling Blocks

The player-versus-player (PvP) experience in Destiny 2 is a total downhill slide. The absence of new maps, game modes and prevalent cheating on PC leaves the competitive scene feeling ignored and stale. This has been an enormous letdown for players who mainly play in PvP mode.

More to the point, the game’s brash microtransaction design has turned into an annoyance for many gamers. It can be exploitative and invasive to continuously ask players to spend more after buying the base game and expansions.

The Final Verdict

Destiny 2’s appeal lies in its exceptional gameplay mechanics and cooperative endgame activities. The shooter/RPG influences paired with difficult raids and dungeons make for a rewarding and interesting experience for those willing to invest the effort and time. However, the game’s problems, a murky monetization system, shoddy PvP, and content removal & microtransaction setup, can not be overlooked. All these issues have resulted in a Destiny 2 hate fest between players.

If one is prepared to ignore those shortcomings then Destiny 2 is still worth playing in 2024 based on this Game Review. For all those willing to ignore the drawbacks and dive into the gameplay loop and cooperative challenges, Destiny 2 is usually a gratifying experience. 

  • Satisfying gameplay mechanics with fluid shooting and a mix of FPS and MMO elements
  • Excellent endgame activities like raids and dungeons
  • Some strong storytelling expansions
  • Convoluted and expensive monetization model
  • Neglected PvP experience
  • Inconsistent storytelling quality across expansions
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