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Is Back 4 Blood Worth it? | GAME REVIEW

User Rating: 8.1

Back 4 Blood burst onto the scene in 2021, promising a fresh take on the classic co-op zombie shooter experience. As a spiritual successor to the iconic Left 4 Dead games, it carried lofty expectations. A few years later, is it still worth sinking your teeth into this undead adventure?

Tight Gameplay with Fresh Mechanics

At its core, Back 4 Blood follows the classic four-player co-op formula pioneered by Left 4 Dead. You and up to three friends battle through levels filled with hordes of zombies (called “Ridden“). There are special mutated enemies that require coordination to take down.

However, Back 4 Blood introduces some fresh mechanics like a card system. Cards give you ability upgrades and perks to customize your character’s playstyle. Managing your card deck is crucial for endgame success.  

The gunplay also feels satisfying and deliberate. Shooting slows your movement, encouraging measured combat rather than run-and-gun. A stamina meter prevents infinite sprinting, making positioning key.

Atmospheric Visuals and Voice Work

Visually, Back 4 Blood is a treat with detailed environments and visceral gore. While the level design itself is fairly standard for the genre, the graphics engine brings great atmosphere. Lighting and particle effects sell the intense zombie onslaughts.

Voice acting is also well-done, injecting campy humor into the zombie apocalypse setting. This balance of fun and tension is part of what made Left 4 Dead so iconic.

The Pros: Awesome Co-op, Deep Customization 

Back 4 Blood really shines in its co-op gameplay loop. The card system offers deep customization to create powerful combos with friends. Higher difficulties provide a serious challenge for veterans.

Playing online with others is smooth thanks to robust matchmaking and crossplay support. New cards and unlockables give you goals to chase over many playthroughs.

The Cons: Weak Solo/PvP, No Mods

However, the single-player experience falls short. AI teammates are competent early on but become liabilities later when you need controlled teamwork. You also can’t earn new cards or currency playing solo, hampering progression.  

Additionally, the PvP multiplayer mode feels tacked-on compared to the fantastic co-op campaign. There’s just one basic mode with limited gameplay variety.

Lastly, the lack of modding support is a letdown if you hoped for the community creativity that sustained Left 4 Dead 2 for over a decade.

The Verdict

Overall, Back 4 Blood delivers a faithful evolution of Turtle Rock’s co-op zombie shooter vision. Playing through the campaign with friends is an absolute blast thanks to tight gameplay and creative deck-building. While the solo experience has issues and PvP is shallow, the core online co-op loop is incredibly compelling. If you have a squad to clan up with, Back 4 Blood is definitely worth experiencing despite its flaws.

So should you pick up the game Back 4 Blood? For fans of co-op shooters looking for a meaty new experience to dive into with friends, the answer is yes. Just temper your expectations for playing alone or engaging heavily with PvP modes.

  • Strong co-op gameplay that builds on the Left 4 Dead formula
  • Fresh mechanics like the card system
  • Satisfying gunplay with deliberate combat pacing
  • Visually impressive with atmospheric graphics and effects
  • Weak single-player experience with poor AI teammates
  • Limited progression when playing solo
  • Underdeveloped PvP mode
  • Lack of modding support, limiting long-term community engagement
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