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Is Arma 3 Still Good? | GAME REVIEW

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Arma 3, the super real military game that everyone once talked about back in the day. But with the release of a gazillion games, is Arma 3 still relevant? We’ll break down everything in steps and talk about Arma 3 in detail. So, let’s give you a glimpse of Arma 3 and talk about its pros and cons as well in our thorough game review! 

What is the story of Arma 3? 

Arma 3 is the type of military game where every decision you make would feel real. The story puts you into a fictional world and country known as Altis filled with chaos. Amidst this chaos, there are tons of wars taking place on different sides of the country and you’re a soldier who’s being thrown into this country to protect it. 

Now, to find out whether Arma 3 is still good or not, we’ve to talk about its pros and cons! 

Realistic Gameplay

Starting with the first pro which is the realistic gameplay of Arma 3. It genuinely makes you feel like you’re in between a chaotic war and you can’t run off somewhere before fixing things. You’re not thrown directly on the battlefield to pew pew everyone, but you have to plan things beforehand just like a soldier. Then the battle comes! There, you have to deal with realistic weapons, environment, and sound effects!

Open World to Explore

Next off, the open world in Arma 3 makes you feel like you’re a real-life soldier who’s on a mission to save everyone. The open world allows you to interact with people, roam around, and discover mysterious villages, military camps, and whatnot! Open-world gives you access to plan different missions and practice your tactics! 

Demanding Specs

As for cons, Arma 3 can be played only on computers with heavy specs. The game’s detailed graphics require a lot of power from your GPU and CPU to run it smoothly. Therefore, Arma 3 is a really good game, the fact it requires heavy specs can be considered a con. If your computers have great processing powers then running Arma 3 is a piece of cake. 


Another Arma 3 con is its base price which can be seen as a big investment as compared to other computer games. It seems to have a lot of DLC content which keeps on adding brand new maps, cars, and weapons. Many of these updates are free but sometimes you have to pay them a fee to purchase new stuff. 

So, Is Arma 3 Still Good?

Despite its pros and cons, Arma 3 is still considered a good game. It all comes down to what you truly enjoy playing. If you’re a fan of hardcore military games with open worlds, Arma 3 is your pick. And if you love a game with beautiful graphics and lots of planning, this game has got you covered. Anyway, let us know your thoughts about this game in the comments down below! 

  • Realistic Gameplay
  • Open World to Explore
  • Detailed Graphics and Sound Effects
  • Demanding System Specifications
  • High Price and DLC Content
  • Steep Learning Curve
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