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How to Find and Defeat Mohg in Elden Ring: Ultimate GUIDE

Seek the truth behind Elden Ring’s most powerful foe: Blood Lord Mohg. Learn how to survive his brutal world, fend off his hordes of enemies and win an epic duel. Read our guide and prepare for the ultimate challenge!

Who is Mohg?

Mohg, the Lord of Blood, is a feared monster hidden in the shadows of the Elden Ring. Rising from Mohgwyn Palace, this scheming tyrant inspires dread and curiosity as he confronts adventurers with his fearless bloodlust.

Finding Mohg, Lord of Blood

You won’t find Mohg lurking in the depths of Leyndell. Instead, he resides in his own domain: Mohgwyn Palace. Reaching this hidden location requires venturing through the Consecrated Snowfield area. There, you’ll need to find a concealed portal that transports you to his palace.

Prepare for the Battle

Before facing Mohg, ensure you’re well-prepared. Some preparations are required:

  • Get Your Hands on Healing Items: Mohg’s attacks can be devastating. Make sure you have plenty of healing flasks.
  • Blood-Resistant Gear: Mohg attacks primarily with blood. equip armor and talismans that make you less susceptible to bleeding.
  • Level Up: Make sure your character is leveled. Mohg isn’t a simple boss to beat, and higher stats will give you a huge lead.
  • Summon Spirits: If you’re playing solo, try bringing spirits into battle with you. They can distract and cause more damage.

The Battle with Mohg

The epic duel with Mohg unfolds in two brutal phases:

Phase 1: Bloodlord’s Wrath

In this initial phase, Mohg unleashes a flurry of aggressive attacks, combining brutal melee strikes with potent blood magic. Stay on your toes and dodge effectively to avoid taking heavy damage. Beware of the build-up of bleed from his attacks. Stock up on healing items and consider using blood-resistant consumables to counter this effect. Look for openings after his larger combos to land some hits before retreating to safety.

Phase 2: Nihil Rituals

Once Mohg reaches around half health, he enters a terrifying second phase. Brace yourself, as he gains immense power and unleashes devastating new attacks.

    • Transition: As Mohg transitions, he’ll unleash a powerful attack called “Nihil.” While not specifically causing bleed damage, it deals significant magical damage, so dodging is crucial for survival.
    • New Attacks: In this phase, Mohg acquires a repertoire of brutal blood flame magic attacks with much wider ranges. Stay extra vigilant and prioritize dodging. Aim to stay mobile and ideally positioned behind him, as his frontal attacks are particularly dangerous. Strategically use spirit summons to distract Mohg and create openings for your attacks.

General Tip

  • Patience is Key: Don’t get greedy and rush the fight. Mohg is a formidable opponent, and recklessness will lead to a swift defeat. Wait for openings and attack strategically.
  • Learn His Moves: Mastering Mohg’s attack patterns is paramount to victory. Observe his movements and practice dodging his attacks effectively.
  • Seek Help (Optional): If you’re struggling, consider summoning spirit ashes or even online players for assistance. Having allies can significantly ease the battle

Victory and Rewards

Conquering Mohg, Lord of Blood, is a monumental achievement in Elden Ring. Your perseverance will be rewarded handsomely. You’ll receive a massive amount of runes, the Remembrance of the Blood Lord (usable to acquire special items or skills), and Mohg’s Great Rune. Activate this rune at the Divine Tower of East Altus to reap its unique benefits.


Defeating Mohg, Lord of Blood, is a challenging but rewarding feat in Elden Ring. With careful preparation, strategic thinking, and a dash of patience, you’ll overcome this formidable foe. Remember, Tarnished, every defeat is a learning experience. Stay focused, hone your skills, and you’ll eventually claim victory over the Lord of Blood!

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