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How to Add Cannons in Skull and Bones

In the maritime world of gaming, a ship without cannons is akin to a knight without armor—unprotected and an easy target for adversaries roaming the seas. The addition and upgrading of cannons are essential strategies for players navigating the treacherous waters in the Skull and Bones universe. Mastery of artillery is a cornerstone for survival and dominance on the high seas.

Upon beginning their journey, players sailing through the Skull and Bones tutorial often experience vulnerability, given their ships are initially unequipped with these crucial armaments. It’s only upon arrival at Sainte-Ann, and through a pivotal interaction with the local Blacksmith, that players are afforded the opportunity to armor their vessels. Understanding the intricacies of acquiring and outfitting a ship with cannons is vital for players looking to safeguard their maritime ventures.

Enhancing Sea Dominance: Equipping Cannons in ‘Skull and Bones’

In ‘Skull and Bones,’ a vital step to fortify your ship’s firepower involves outfitting it with a range of cannons. This process is initiated once your vessel is berthed. Access the vessel’s Manage Ship menu to proceed to the armament section where you can install your cannons.

The strategy for arming your ship encompasses deploying a varied arsenal across the three segments of your vessel: the front, and both sides. It’s advantageous to employ an array of cannon types across these areas. A typical approach might involve configuring the front with short-ranged, high-damage artillery, while outfitting the sides with cannons that offer greater reach.

Acquisition of Cannons:

  • Buy: Visit the blacksmith to purchase cannons.
  • Salvage: Reclaim cannons from the remains of defeated ships.

Placement of Cannons:

  • Front: Short-range, heavy hitters.
  • Sides: Long-range, strategic weapons.

Advancing Your Arsenal:

  • Blueprints: Obtain these through achievements such as finishing quests, discovering treasure maps, or looting from boarded vessels.
  • Rank Requirements: Some advanced cannons are locked behind progression milestones, like attaining the Buccaneer rank.

Remember, diversifying your offensive capabilities can be the key to mastering the treacherous waters.

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