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How Long is Elden Ring

Elden Ring, the action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware, presents an expansive and meticulously crafted world for players to explore. The time it takes to complete Elden Ring can vary greatly based on a player’s style and objectives. For those focusing on the main storyline, the game may be finished in approximately 30-50 hours. However, this timeframe increases significantly for players who dive into side quests, exploration, and other content.

Completionists, who aim to see and do everything the game offers, might spend upwards of 100 hours to secure every achievement, uncover all secrets, and defeat every boss. Factors such as the player’s proficiency with action RPGs, the chosen difficulty level, and the amount of time spent mastering the game’s mechanics also play a role in determining overall playtime.

Given the game’s open-world nature, there is no single definitive answer to how long Elden Ring is. The adventure can be extended or abbreviated depending on whether one rushes through the central narrative or takes a more leisurely pace to appreciate the game’s depth and hidden details. Regardless, Elden Ring offers a rich experience that adapts to different playstyles, enabling a broad range of gamers to enjoy the journey at their own pace.

Game Overview

Elden Ring offers an expansive experience combining action and role-playing elements. It presents a world ripe for exploration with a flexible duration influenced by individual playstyles.

Genre and Gameplay

Elden Ring is an action role-playing game that involves real-time combat, character customization, and exploration. Combat requires strategic thinking, with a focus on timing and positioning. Exploration is encouraged, as players traverse a vast open world containing dungeons, castles, and other locales. Character build choices allow for diverse playstyles, catering to both aggressive and stealthy approaches.

Game World Size

The game world of Elden Ring is substantial, with various estimates placing The Lands Between at around 79 square kilometers (30 square miles).

  • Diverse Environments: The world comprises multiple distinct regions.
  • Interconnectivity: Zones are seamlessly connected, allowing for continuous exploration.

Game Length Factors

Several factors influence how long it takes to complete Elden Ring:

  • Main Quests: Focusing solely on main quests may lead to shorter playtime.
  • Side Content: Engaging with side quests, optional bosses, and exploration can extend playtime considerably.
  • Player Skill: More experienced players might progress faster.
  • Playstyle: Completionists may spend upwards of 100 hours to experience all content.
Playstyle Estimated Time to Complete
Main Story 30-50 hours
Main + Extras 60-80 hours
Completionist 100+ hours

Main Story Duration

The main storyline of Elden Ring can be completed in approximately 40 to 50 hours for an average player. This estimate is for a playthrough focusing on major quests and necessary progression without significant exploration or engagement with optional side content.

Players who prioritize efficiency and have a tendency to quickly grasp game mechanics may see this time reduced. On the lower end, a main story run could potentially be completed in around 30 hours.

Experienced gamers, specifically those who are familiar with the Soulsborne titles that FromSoftware is known for, may also complete the game more quickly. Their familiarization with combat systems and game lore can shave hours off the average time.

Conversely, players new to the genre or those who exercise more caution may find themselves taking closer to 60 hours to complete the main story. It is important to note that the open-world nature of Elden Ring allows for a high degree of variability in play style, which inherently affects how long the game takes to complete.

Here is a quick breakdown:

  • Efficient Playthrough: ~30 hours
  • Average Playthrough: 40-50 hours
  • Cautious Playthrough: ~60 hours

It’s crucial to acknowledge that Elden Ring offers various pathways and strategies to complete the game, thus these figures are approximate and will differ based on individual player experiences.

Completionist Playthrough

A completionist playthrough of Elden Ring involves a thorough exploration of the game’s expansive world, The Lands Between. Completionists will seek to uncover every secret, obtain all items, and finish all quests. Typically, such a playthrough can last upwards of 100 hours, although this estimate varies based on the player’s experience with open-world action RPGs and their specific playstyle.

Here are key areas a completionist will focus on:

  • Discovering all locations: The game offers a vast array of unique settings, each teeming with hidden treasures and enemies. Completionists must visit and thoroughly explore every marked and secret area.
  • Collecting items and equipment: This includes gathering all weapons, armor sets, spells, and consumables available.
  • Completing all quests: Both main storylines and side quests are essential, providing more context to the lore while rewarding the player with experience and items.
  • Defeating all bosses: Every boss presents a complex challenge, and a completionist must prevail over each one to truly conquer the game.
  • Achievements/Trophies: Unlocking all in-game achievements or trophies is often the final hurdle for a completionist.

These tasks demand significant time and patience, requiring players to systematically scour every nook and cranny of the game and demonstrate mastery over its mechanics. Players who fully commit to a completionist run can expect an enriching experience that uncovers the full extent of Elden Ring‘s intricate narrative and gameplay intricacies.

Side Quests and Extra Content

In “Elden Ring,” players have the opportunity to extend their playtime significantly through side quests and exploring additional content. These optional activities are vast and vary in complexity, presenting players with a wealth of experiences outside the main storyline.

Side Quests:

  • Character Quests: Various NPCs scattered across the Lands Between offer quests with unique storylines.
  • Dungeon Crawls: Numerous smaller dungeons, caves, and catacombs that aren’t tied directly to the game’s major plot.
  • Hunting Legendary Animals: Players can track down and defeat powerful creatures for special rewards.

Other Activities to Explore:

  • Crafting: Gathering resources to create items.
  • Cooking: Discovering new recipes and creating buffs.
  • Exploration: Finding secret areas and hidden treasures.

The game also includes:

  • Covenants: Joining different groups with specific tasks and goals.
  • Multiplayer Events: Participating in invasions, duels, and cooperative missions.

In summary, the side quests and extra content in “Elden Ring” provide players with a variety of activities that can greatly extend the overall gameplay time beyond completing the main storyline. The depth and breadth of these activities encourage thorough exploration and interaction with the game’s rich world.

Speedrunning Records

Elden Ring, since its release, has witnessed a vibrant speedrunning community. Speedrunners compete to finish the game as fast as possible, implementing various strategies and game knowledge to minimize completion time. These records are classified into categories based on the rules and conditions set by the speedrunning community.

Any% No Restrictions runs have competitors rushing to the endgame without limitations, often using every available exploit. Distortion2 holds a record time of 9 minutes and 28 seconds, achieved on April 12, 2023.

Any% No Major Glitches requires players to complete the game without using major glitches. This category promotes a more “natural” play-through. The record, held by LilAggy, stands at 49 minutes and 29 seconds, set on March 30, 2023.

A table of current speedrunning records:

Category Runner Time Date Achieved
Any% No Restrictions Distortion2 9m 28s April 12, 2023
Any% No Major Glitches LilAggy 49m 29s March 30, 2023

They use extensive routing, precise execution, and in-depth knowledge of Elden Ring’s mechanics to push the limits of how quickly the game can be completed. The records above reflect the runners’ skill and dedication to the craft of speedrunning. These achievements are subject to change as runners continually optimize their strategies and discover new techniques.

Comparison With Other Games

Elden Ring’s completion time varies based on a player’s approach, with a typical first playthrough taking about 50-100 hours. In contrast, Dark Souls III players usually finish it within 32-50 hours, according to HowLongToBeat.

When comparing Elden Ring to another open-world title by Bethesda, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, players can expect to complete the main story in approximately 33 hours, though comprehensive play can extend to about 230 hours.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is closer in scope to Elden Ring, with the main story taking around 50 hours, but full exploration and side quests can lead to 190 hours of gameplay.

Comparatively, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild offers roughly 50 hours to finish the main quests, with completionists spending up to 180+ hours exploring Hyrule.

Game Main Story (hrs) Main + Extras (hrs) Completionist (hrs)
Elden Ring 50-100 100-150 135-200
Dark Souls III 32-50 50-80 80-100
Skyrim 33 100-120 230
The Witcher 3 50 100-120 190
Zelda: BOTW 50 80-100 180+

These durations are estimations and can vary greatly depending on individual play style, skill level, and engagement with secondary content.

Factors Influencing Play Time

When estimating the length of time it will take a player to complete Elden Ring, several variables come into play.

Player Skill: A player’s experience with action RPGs, particularly FromSoftware’s previous titles, can reduce the number of attempts needed to conquer challenges.

  • Veteran: Potentially quicker progression
  • Novice: More time learning mechanics

Exploration LevelElden Ring‘s open world is vast and filled with secrets.

  • Full Explorers: Will engage in side quests, discover hidden bosses and lore, adding to playtime.
  • Main Path Followers: Will stick to the primary storyline, reducing playtime.

Gameplay Style: Individual playstyle significantly impacts duration.

  • Completionists: Aim to achieve 100% game completion, significantly increasing playtime.
  • Speedrunners: Attempt to finish the game as fast as possible, minimizing playtime.

Difficulty SettingElden Ring does not have difficulty settings, but player choices can influence game difficulty.

  • Co-Op Play: Joining forces can make certain areas quicker to complete.
  • Lone Wolf: Playing solo might result in a more challenging and time-consuming experience.

Deaths and Replays: The game’s inherent difficulty means frequent deaths and retries, inflating playtime.

  • High Death Rate: More time spent retracing steps.
  • Efficient Survival: Reduces the repetition of content.

Each factor intertwines to create a personalized experience, tailoring the length of Elden Ring to each player.

Player Experience Variability

The time a player invests in Elden Ring varies widely based on several factors. Key elements influencing this variability include:

  • Play Style: Players who prefer exploration may take longer to complete the game as they scour every corner of the map. In contrast, those focused on the main story may progress more quickly.
  • Combat Prowess: Gamers with a high skill level in action RPGs often have shorter playthroughs due to less time spent on retries after defeats.
Factor Impact on Play Time
Previous Soulsborne Experience May shorten playtime
In-game Choices Can extend or shorten quests
Exploration Level Directly correlates with longer sessions
Multiplayer Interaction Co-op and PVP can add time
  • Difficulty Encounters: Difficult bosses or areas can increase the total playtime if the player needs multiple attempts to overcome them.
  • Gaming Goals: Completionists aiming for 100% game achievements can expect a much longer playtime compared to those on a more straightforward path.
  • Game Pacing: Players may choose to engage extensively with side quests, which can substantially add to the total playtime.

Elden Ring does not have a fixed length due to these variables, but the average player typically takes anywhere from 30 to 100 hours to reach the endgame, with the possibility of extending far beyond that for thorough exploration and completion.

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