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Honor of Kings Lian Po Guide for Success

Unleash the unstoppable power of Lian Po in Honor of Kings! Our comprehensive guide is your key to dominating every match, with expert tips and strategies designed to elevate your gameplay and ensure you lead your team to victory. Get ready to conquer the battlefield like never before!

Who is Lian Po?

In Honor of Kings, Lian Po reigns supreme as a Vanguard Tank. Immune to crowd control while using his skills, he charges headfirst, disrupting enemy formations. Lian Po excels at both offense and defense, tossing enemies with ease and absorbing incredible punishment. Master this powerhouse to control the battlefield and lead your team to victory!


Lian Po’s gotta be tough as nails! When building him, focus on armor, magic resistance, and health regen to soak up all that damage for your team. Think of him like a sponge – the more he can absorb, the better.

But don’t forget a little bite! Some attack damage and speed helps him deal some pain while taking it. Plus, items that stun or slow enemies make him a real battlefield bully. So, the key is a balance – super tanky but with a bit of punch and crowd control!

Here’s what to grab:

  • Boots of Fortitude: These boots make Lian Po tougher and faster, letting him get in the thick of things and escape when needed.
  • Axe of Torment: This item makes Lian Po hit harder, slow down enemies he hits with abilities, and even gives him more health! Great for catching those slippery attackers.
  • Siege Breaker: This one helps Lian Po break through tough enemies’ defenses, letting him keep the pressure on.
  • Spikemail: If someone attacks Lian Po, they take some damage back themselves with this item! Makes enemies think twice before picking a fight.
  • Longnight Guardian: Extra health and defense make Lian Po even tankier, letting him soak up more damage and protect his teammates.
  • Ominous Premonition: Slow enemies down with this item, making them easier targets for Lian Po and his team to take down!


Lian Po’s skills are all about crowd control: he can charge in, launching enemies into the air, slam the ground to slow them down, or leap into the fray with a series of powerful blows. With this dominant presence on the battlefield, Lian Po creates chaos for enemies, allowing his team to capitalize and secure victory.

Here’s an overview:

  • Passive: Warrior’s Soul grants immunity to crowd control effects while using abilities. Battle Spirit, gained through attacking or using abilities, increases Lian Po’s attack speed and reduces damage taken.
  • Burst Ram: A charging attack that knocks enemies up and deals damage. Also charges Lian Po’s next basic attack.
  • Magma Slam: Channels an area slow and explosion, granting Lian Po a shield and resetting the cooldown of Burst Ram.
  • Tremor Smash: Jumps to a location, dealing damage and slowing enemies in three strikes. Lian Po can control the direction of each strike.

Basic Stats

Lian Po’s total tank in Honor of Kings! He’s the ultimate frontline fighter, leading the charge and controlling enemies with ease. Whether he’s starting fights in the Clash Lane or surprising enemies from the Jungle, Lian Po can adjust to any situation. 

He’s super tough (think 10 out of 10!), but isn’t the main damage dealer (more like a 4 out of 10). He’s a bit on the challenging side (think 5 out of 10 difficulty) to master, but totally worth it if you want to be a battlefield dominator!

Gameplay Strategy 

  • Early game: Lian Po should farm minions to get gold and experience, while also looking for opportunities to trade blows with the enemy. He should buy Boots of Fortitude to compensate for his slow movement speed.
  • Mid game: After getting some key items, Lian Po can use his increased movement speed to gank other lanes and start team fights. His tankiness and CC immunity allow him to absorb enemy attacks and disrupt their formations.
  • Late game: Lian Po becomes even more important as the initiator and frontline tank. He needs to be aware of the battlefield and choose the right moment to start fights. His job is to protect his team’s carries and disrupt the enemy’s formation so his teammates can secure kills.

Arcana Build

Lian Po, the ultimate frontline tank, thrives on initiating fights and protecting his teammates. To maximize his potential, choosing the right Arcana is crucial. The core build focuses on three key Arcana:

  • Fate: Boosts physical defense against fighters.
  • Reverberation: Increases magic defense to counter mages.
  • Harmony: Provides health regeneration for staying power and cooldown reduction for more frequent abilities.

This combination significantly improves Lian Po’s overall tankiness, allowing him to stay in fights longer, disrupt enemies with his abilities more frequently, and ultimately become the unyielding bulwark his team needs for victory.

Mastering Lian Po

Lian Po in Honor of Kings is a deep and rewarding hero to master. He’s a tank who goes right in the thick of battle, using his skills to control the fight and protect his teammates. By learning how to use his abilities at each stage of the game, you can become a true leader and carry your team to victory. With Lian Po on your side, and the power of BlueStacks behind you, every match is a chance to dominate and become a legend!

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