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Haven is Back: Updated Guide to Valorant’s First Three-Site Map

It’s been roughly two weeks since Haven has rejoined Valorant’s  competitive map pool. Since the last time Haven was in the map rotations, a lot has changed, especially in agents like Viper and Skye. For those who recently started playing Valorant, Haven was the first map with three bomb sites. Later, Riot added Lotus, which also has three bomb sites. Many players found Haven to be one of the best maps in Valorant. Initially, the three bomb site meta was tough to learn, but as acts passed by, this map became a fan favorite. In this post, we’ll go through the best agent picks and the best setups for Haven.

Viper and Skye Composition – Valorant Haven Meta

When Haven left, there was a competing composition that was kind of 50/50 with this composition in terms of overall play rate. This was the Viper version with a Skye instead. However, both Viper and Skye have seen significant nerfs since the last time this map was played. This raises the question: will this composition or something similar still see any play on the map?

Skye’s & Viper’s Nerfs

Let’s talk about some of those nerfed agents, starting with Skye. Skye has been heavily nerfed. The non-rechargeable flashes were a very big deal for Skye in general, leading to a significantly lower play rate across most maps. On a map like Haven, the lack of rechargeable flashes is significant. Early on, you’re probably going to burn a flash or two, often using Skye to gather information. Now, you have more limited information, as you can’t consistently send flashes down. Skye probably won’t see much play on Haven due to these changes.

Now, let’s talk about Viper. With Viper, it is a bit more complex. The defensive setups and some of the attacking setups are largely the same. This includes the orb commonly thrown over towards A and the wall across C. This was the pro meta for a while, allowing you to isolate fights and move around the site effectively. The fuel changes won’t impact this at all. The only nerf that impacts Viper on the defensive side is the snake bite nerf, reducing it from two to one. This will definitely be felt, but the defensive setup for Viper is still going to be pretty good.

Is Breach and Sova Good Enough For Haven?

With the Skye and Viper nerfs, it’s likely that people will revert to the Breach-Sova composition as the primary way of playing Haven. The Skye nerf is significant enough to render the previous composition less effective. If you still like Viper, you would need to supplement it in some other way, likely replacing Skye with Sova. This could result in a composition without a flash, which is not ideal for Haven.

There are other agents we might want to explore as well, like Neon. Neon’s big advantage is beating the timings of defensive abilities, particularly over towards A. With the second slide now being fully accurate, Neon can potentially get ahead of defensive setups. On the defender side, Neon is effective for fast retakes, aligning with the defensive playstyle on Haven. However, swapping Neon for Jett means losing op power, which could be significant, especially if fewer Viper compositions lead to more op play.


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