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Hades II Tips & Tricks to Dominate The Underworld!

Discover essential tips and tricks for Hades 2 to enhance your journey through Erebus and encounters at the Crossroads. From mastering new features, weapons, and abilities to navigating the challenges of the Underworld, check out these tips and tricks we wish we had when diving into this thrilling journey through the Underworld.

What is Hades II

Hades 2 has arrived in Early Access as of May 6, and it’s living up to our expectations. The Princess of Hell shows herself to be a formidable character, wielding arcane magic along with boons and blessings from Olympian Gods, mythical beings, and loyal companions. Her mission to defeat Chronos, the Titan of Time, promises an epic journey through myth and magic.

Death plays a crucial role in Hades 2

If you’re new to roguelike games or if Hades 2 is your first foray into the series, dying and failure are integral parts of the experience. Each death in Hades 2 unlocks new features and mechanics for Melinoe, creating a dynamic and evolving gameplay experience that responds to your learning curve. Returning to the Crossroads after a failed attempt also allows you to spend collected resources wisely. Experimenting with newly unlocked weapons, tools, or Arcana Cards can provide valuable insights and potentially help you progress further in your subsequent runs.

Focus on prioritizing Boons that enhance your Attack, Special ability, and Cast

Boons in Hades 2 can be slotted into different positions visible on the left side of your screen. They can directly enhance your main abilities like Special or Cast, or provide passive buffs that improve Melinoe overall. To start strong on a run, aim to secure reliable options for your Attack, Special, and Cast slots early on, ensuring your primary methods of combat are effectively boosted. Particularly, investing in Boons for your Cast can enhance its abilities significantly, enabling effects like Cyclones, enemy attraction, or lightning strikes. Enhanced Keepsakes from major gods are also key to acquiring top-tier Boons.

Hephaestus offers some of the most powerful Boons available

If you’re looking for standout Boons, Hephaestus is your go-to. His Volcanic Strike and Volcanic Flourish Boons pack a punch, significantly boosting the damage of Melinoe’s Attacks and Specials with explosive blasts. These explosions have a wide area of effect, making them effective for weapons like the Sister Blades and particularly useful against bosses and armored foes.

Use your magic to unleash powerful Omega Moves

At the beginning of a run, open the Boons menu and look for Surrounding Auras active in the area. These environmental conditions influence the types of collectible resources that appear, which can be crucial for specific Incantations or trading opportunities. For instance, in Erebus, the Rainfall aura increases the chance of finding Deathcap mushrooms during encounters. Keep an eye out for these rare fungi and other similar resources.

Acquire the Fated Intervention Incantation at your earliest opportunity

Performing Incantations at the Crossroads cauldron in Hades 2 is key to unlocking new features and upgrades for Melinoe during runs or at the Crossroads. One significant Incantation, the Fated Intervention, requires one Silver, two Ash, and two Molies to perform. Initially appearing inconsequential, after performing this Incantation and starting a new run, you’ll encounter story developments involving a new character upon dying. This also unlocks the Fated List of Minor Prophecies at the Crossroads, offering challenges that, when completed, provide additional rewards to enhance your gameplay experience.


Mastering these Hades 2 tips and tricks will equip you to conquer the challenges of Erebus and emerge victorious against Chronos. Remember, death is a stepping stone in Hades 2, use each run to learn, experiment, and grow stronger. Embrace the ever-evolving world and discover the secrets the Underworld holds. With perseverance and a strategic approach, you’ll claim your rightful place as the ruler of time.

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