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GUIDE | Tips on how to improve your PUBG Mobile backtracking control

PUBG Mobile is a popular online multiplayer battle royale type game that has captured the attention of millions of players worldwide. One of the most challenging aspects of PUBG Mobile is mastering the art of recoil, which involves controlling the recoil of your weapon to maintain accuracy while shooting. This article gives valuable tips on improving the backtracking control in PUBG Mobile.

Tips to improve recoil control in PUBG Mobile

Understand your weapon

The first step to mastering recoil control is to understand your weapon. Each weapon in PUBG Mobile has its recoil pattern, determining how it will recoil after firing. For example, some weapons have a vertical recoil, meaning they will kick upward when firing, while others have a horizontal recoil, meaning they will kick sideways. Understanding the recoil pattern of your gun is crucial to controlling it effectively. Spend time practicing with different guns in training mode to familiarize yourself with their recoil patterns.

Using grip attachments

Grip attachments can significantly reduce the gun’s recoil, making it easier to control. Several types of grip attachments are available in PUBG Mobile, including the vertical, angled, and half grip. Each grip has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, the vertical grip reduces vertical recoil but does not affect horizontal recoil, while the angled grip reduces vertical and horizontal recoil but decreases weapon stability. Experiment with different grips to find the one best suits your playing style.

Burst firing technique

The burst firing technique is very effective for controlling recoil in PUBG Mobile. This technique involves firing your weapon in short bursts instead of continuously. After every few shots, releasing the trigger allows your weapon to settle down, reducing the recoil effect. The burst firing technique is especially effective with automatic weapons, which tend to have high recoil. However, it takes a lot of practice to master, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it right the first time.

Practice, practice, practice

Like any other skill, mastering the recoil control in PUBG Mobile takes a lot of practice. Spend time practicing your recoil control with different weapons and grips in training mode. Set yourself goals and try to achieve them consistently. Remember, the goal is not to eliminate recoil (which is impossible) but to control it effectively to maintain accuracy while shooting.

In conclusion, good recoil control in PUBG Mobile is all about understanding your weapon, using the right grip attachments, employing the burst shooting technique, and practicing regularly. With these tips, you should be able to improve your recoil control and become a more formidable opponent on the battlefield. Good luck, and happy gaming!

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