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GUIDE | Dominate the battlefield and increase your kill count in PUBG Mobile

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PUBG Mobile has gained an immense following worldwide since its launch. Whether you are an experienced player or a newbie, the main goal remains: to outlast everyone on the battlefield and achieve victory. But the factor distinguishing a skilled player is their ability to stay alive and their kill rate. We’ll dive into this often-overlooked aspect of PUBG Mobile and offer tips to improve your kill count.

Tips on how to increase your kill count in PUBG Mobile

Getting kills in PUBG Mobile isn’t just about showing off your competitive fervor; it forms an essential part of the strategic gameplay. The higher your kill rate, the lower the number of remaining opponents, which increases your chances of getting the ultimate “chicken dinner.” In addition, more kills translate into extra experience points and better rankings. Therefore, being skilled at finding and eliminating opponents should be on every player’s checklist.

So, regardless of your skill level, these tips are sure to help you develop a more aggressive yet tactical approach that will lead to increased kills in PUBG Mobile:

Selecting the best equipment

Have a good eye for choosing the best equipment. A level 3 helmet and vest can be a game changer, as they offer significantly improved defense. Always keep an eye on your health and power-ups. Sniper suppressors or better grips can improve accuracy and overall control. A superior health kit and some energy drinks in your backpack can give you the edge you need.

Choose your weapon wisely

While high-damage weapons are tempting, choosing ones you’re comfortable with is essential. Each weapon in PUBG Mobile has its unique characteristics and usability. Mastering a weapon and its recoil pattern can make all the difference in melee combat. For example, the M416 offers a balance between damage and recoil. Once your aim is surgical with your weapon of choice, your casualty rate will surely increase.

Know your map

Knowing the map of Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, or Vikendi thoroughly is crucial to anticipate possible enemy hideouts or sniper nests. Familiarize yourself with the most popular hot spots and the areas with the most loot. This knowledge will help you predict enemy movements and put you in advantageous positions to ambush your opponents.

Choosing the landing zone

When parachuting, choose locations that balance loot potential and player density. Hot zones involve higher risks but offer a higher level of loot, perfect if you are confident in your early game. Conversely, more remote routes may have fewer enemies, giving you more time to loot, but may also have lower loot.

Aggressive play

An offensive strategy usually carries more weight than a defensive one. Therefore, look for opportunities to engage enemies rather than avoid them. Unsurprisingly, an aggressive and reckless play style can lead to quick kills, so find the harmony between aggressiveness and tact.

In conclusion, to increase your kill count, you need to understand the gameplay of PUBG Mobile and the art of war at its core. Every encounter with an enemy is unique and tests various facets of your skills. So equip yourself with the best gear, wield your favorite weapon, learn the map, choose your landing points wisely, and, most importantly, play aggressively. You will increase your kills considerably with practice, patience, and applying these tips. So get ready for the adrenaline-pumping PUBG Mobile experience.

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