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Gigabyte releases white versions of three Aorus AM5 motherboards

Gigabyte has unveiled three new white AM5 motherboards. They are the X670E Aorus Pro X, the B650 Aorus Elite AX Ice and the B650M Aorus Elite AX Ice.

The latter two, as the name suggests, are largely similar in terms of specs: AMD’s B650 chipset, four ddr5 slots (overclocked to 8,000 MT/s), a pcie 5.0-m.2 slot, a pcie 4.0-m.2 slot, a pcie 4.0 slot for the video card and, among other things, a hdmi 2.1 port, displayport 1.4 connector, usb 3.2 ports and 2.5 Gbit/s-lan (and wifi 6e). The atx version of the board has an additional m.2 port for SSDs (pcie 4.0) and an additional pcie x16 slot (pcie 3.0).

The X670E Aorus Pro X falls in a slightly higher price segment, with its X670E chipset, a pcie 5.0-x16 slot, two pcie 5.0-m.2 slots (plus 2x pcie 4.0) for ssd’s and wifi 7. A display port connector is not present by the looks of it, but there are two hdmi ports (1x 2.1, 1x 1.4), one of which is on the other side of the board, intended for a little screen on the inside of your case.

Pricing and availability have not yet been mentioned. However, two “non-Ice” versions of the two B650 motherboards are already available, for around €/$250 (B650) and €/$230 (B650M).

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