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Overwatch 2 January 12, 2024 Patch Notes

If you are playing Overwatch 2, then you may have noticed that the game just received a new update. This update doesn’t make too many changes, but it does add a new game mode called Quick Play: Hacked...

Valorant KURONAMI Skin Bundle: Release Date, Pricing, and More

A new skin bundle has just been leaked named Kuronami. The hype around the Valorant Kuronami bundle has been at an all-time high because of its high-quality and amazing finishing animation. So here’s ...

RoboCop Rogue City Review

Go back in time and take on the role of perhaps the coolest cop Detroit has ever known. RoboCop is back in the spotlight after years of absence. That the iron fighter can throw a punch and a shot, we ...

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