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Gen.g Confirms VCT Finals, G2 VS Team heretics To Determine The Remaining Spot

VCT Masters Shanghai final is set to take place over the weekend, and one team each from NA, EU, and Asia remains. Gen.G has confirmed their place in the finals of this event. They will play the winners of G2 vs Team Heretic. Team Heretics put up a strong 2-0 performance against 100 Thieves, who many considered as favorites to win the tournament. Besides the final matches of the VCT, a lot has been happening regarding roster changes among many teams. Keep reading to learn more about the latest roster changes and other VCT-related news.

Stax Joins T1 for the Rest of the VCT Season

After being dropped to the bench by DRX, teams from all over Asia-Pacific were quick to try and sign Stax. T1 successfully jumped and took hold of this opportunity. Stax is still considered a legend of Asian Valorant, and his time with DRX will forever be historic. He had his moments, including his iconic waving of hands to eliminate Cloud 9. T1 is lucky to have him on the roster, and hopefully, we will be seeing more of Stax and his onstage antics very soon. It’s been a while since Stax has seen a final or semi-final. This change was probably needed for Stax too. He’s still one of the best players in the world with world-class IGL potential within him.

Will Team Heretics Go All the Way And Finally Win a VCT Final?

While it is true that Team Heretics were beaten earlier in the tournament, they do look like solid contenders for the finals. Team Heretics is facing off against G2 in the lower bracket final. While both teams have lost previously in the tournament, Team Heretics came back more convincingly from the defeats. They won 2 maps straight, defeating 100 Thieves 2-0. Speaking of 100 Thieves, many considered them the favorites to win the tournament up until the match against Heretics. The likes of Cryo and Boostio were on a roll throughout the tournament, making headlines almost every matchday. This loss was a surprise, but if you actually look at it, Team Heretics just had a bad start to the tournament, and after their loss, they came back all guns blazing.

VCT Finals Showdown Match Featuring a New  Map?

Riot pretty much confirmed that there would be a showdown match on the final day event. This match is set to take place between Team China and the rest of the world. The official Chinese roster for the showdown match was released. Players set to play for this fixture include TYLOO, XiaoJue, EQ118, Zhang Yanqi, and Lizhi. Mixwell leads the rest of the world team, which includes DOHYEON, Spicyuuu, mittiii, and Masayoshi.

The showdown match is going to take place on the new map named “Abyss.” There are no solid leaks of this map, apart from a post that was recently shared by Riot. Talking about maps, Ascent and Split are set to exit from the map pool. Abyss will be making its way straight into the competitive map pool, with Haven also making a comeback.


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