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Gen.G Claims Victory in Masters Shanghai – Valorant News and Updates

The Masters Shanghai has concluded with Gen.G lifting a Valorant International trophy for the first time for the Pacific region in front of a shocked Chinese crowd. Team Heretics fell short in the end, despite an intense and highly discussed grand final. This event sparked reactions from many professional players and raised numerous talking points. Additionally, the new map Abyss was revealed, showcasing its design and competitive potential. This map features vertical gameplay with a square layout and three lanes, similar to Counter-Strike’s Dust II but with unique elements like parkour mechanics for the agent Gecko. Pro players’ feedback on Abyss will be critical once it becomes part of the competitive rotation starting June 11th.

Gen.G’s Won against All odds and a Hostile Valorant Crowd

Gen.G’s victory in the grand finals was remarkable, especially considering the challenges they faced. The team’s lack of local scrims and the hostile crowd in Shanghai didn’t impact them at all. Their exceptional teamwork and individual skills, particularly from players like Texture, came in clutch for multipel rounds. The final series saw Heretics making a comeback but ultimately falling short as Gen.G dominated the final map.

Roster Changes for Valorant Champions 2025

In other news, Riot confirmed that Valorant Champions 2025 will be held in October, with this year’s event scheduled for August. This change aims to provide more breaks for players and accommodate more competitions throughout the season. The Esports World Cup in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, featuring various games, might influence the scheduling of future Valorant events.Marved announced that he will become a consistent streamer next week. Despite his departure from NRG and speculation about his future, it seems unlikely he’ll join another team soon. Other notable roster changes include Sentinels’ potential return to prominence, as some speculate their impact if they had qualified for the tournament.

Fanatic’s early exit from the tournament brought attention to Boaster’s performance and his team’s future. Boaster emphasized the need to focus and prepare for upcoming events, indicating no immediate changes in their roster. The grand finals raised questions about Team Heretics’ lineup, particularly the roles of MiniBoo and Patitek. Coach Neelsino confirmed that the team would revert to their five-man roster, with Patitek potentially leaving due to his talent.

APAC Breaks the Jinx: Gen.G’s Victory and Team Heretics’ Valorant Journey

This victory is significant for the APAC region, with Gen.G achieving an international win for the first time. The team’s performance in front of a Chinese crowd, despite various disadvantages, showcased their composure. This tournament highlighted the evolving dynamics of the competitive Valorant scene and set the stage for future events. The likes of PRX and Gen.G always managed to reach the finals but never won it for their region. Finally, APAC has broken the jinx, and we can probably see more trophies being lifted by APAC in the coming years.

Team Heretics did go 2-1 during the series, and they are looking for their first major win. Like Gen.G, this is not the first time Team Heretics have reached a final. Unfortunately, they will have to reset and compete again in the next tournaments. VCT Champions is scheduled for August, and hopefully, by then, Team Heretics will be fired up with MiniBoo returning to the roster.

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