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Fortnite Season 3 “Wrecked” Might Just Be the Most Choatic Season Launch Ever

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 is finally live, and it is chaotic, to say the least. While many of the leaks were obvious, Fortnite still managed to surprise everyone with intense new gameplay. Cars, SUVs, and monster trucks have completely taken over. Driving overpowered vehicles with weapon attachments dominates the meta. Let’s dive into the finer details of what makes this season probably the most chaotic season ever!

Completely New Desert Biome Takes Over Fornite Season 3

Almost half of the map is now taken up by the desert biome. Within the desert biome, we have four new POIs reminiscent of the Borderlands collaboration from previous seasons. These new POIs are all new locations specifically tailored to the Mad Max movie release this week. If you’re new to the game, these new locations might be a bit hard to get around. As of now, players primarily drop into this part of the map because of the new items and weapons available.

With the launch of new vehicles (which we’ll cover soon), every new POI hosts unique vehicles equipped with weapons. These trucks, SUVs, and cars are unique to each POI and are locked in an unbreakable garage. To unlock these mythic vehicles, players need to defeat the big boss of each specific POI to get access to the garage key. All in all, during mid-game, players are most likely to run into many modded vehicles shooting not just bullets but rockets as well.

Unvaulted Shotguns and New Weapons Enter the Mix for Season 3

As expected, players can now access a ton of explosives in Fortnite Season 3. The Mad Max collaboration always hinted at a desert filled with explosive environments. While Epic added new items to the season, they also unvaulted and brought back the controversial Combat Shotgun. This shotgun can be found in multiple rarities and is now the go-to weapon for many pros. Whether it will get nerfed again is yet to be determined.

Fortnite introduces Nitro Splashes and Nitro Fists in Season 3

Nitro Splash or Nitro Barrels are new items that players can find in chests and ground loot. These items are completely broken in season 3, granting players movement boosts far better than what the Golden Banana previously offered. Apart from this, players get faster reloads, more damage while bashing players, and boosts to weapon attachments. This is a temporary boost, so multiple Nitro Splashes must be carried to use at the right time. Players can also slide bash players and builds, making this an absolute menace in build mode. To top it all off, no fall damage occurs when Nitro effects are active. Nitro Splash can also be used on vehicles, giving them decreased fuel consumption along with extra Nitro boosts.

Nitro Fists are a new addition to the game with multiple uses. Right-click (L2 on controller) for an uppercut attack that boosts the player high into the air. This weapon is very similar to the TMNT mythic weapon. More than just an attack, the Nitro Fists are crucial for mobility and rotations. Unlike the previous Icarus Wing, the Nitro Fists are tougher to shoot down and are currently quite overpowered.

The island is fully chaotic, with players, vehicles, and NPCs dominating the island with all kinds of explosives. Medallions and vehicles play a key part in Season 3. Keep following our page as we will be posting more elaborate guides on the best loadout for Season 3 and the best drop routes.

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