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How to Win in Fortnite’s New “Reload Mode” – Best Loadout and Strategies

Fortnite has launched a new “Reload” mode, which is similar to Call of Duty’s Rebirth mode. Currently, with the state of the battle royale, everyone appears to have switched over to this new mode. Reload mode brings back nostalgia with a mini-map featuring OG POIs such as Tilted Towers, Lonely Lodge, and a few other locations. Epic has confirmed plans to update the map further by introducing additional POIs in upcoming updates.

This mode is recommended for those with few Fortnite-playing friends. Throughout most of this post’s gameplay, even without friends, the respawning mechanic means more teammates increase your chances of a comeback. Playing with randoms, as shown throughout this post, still allows for decent teamwork, anticipating each other’s moves in fights. Developing this skill with randoms can make players better overall, preparing them for more coordinated play with friends.

Glider Landing Mechanics & Enhanced Loot: Chests and POI Updates

One major difference in Reload compared to traditional Battle Royale is the glider landing. Here, players are locked at a lower altitude after 40 meters, compared to 100 meters in BR. Adjusting to this change is crucial, especially when landing or returning from respawn. Many Reload locations from Fortnite’s past chapters now feature more chests, enhancing loot availability. With a guaranteed chest spawn rate and increased loot, landing together with teammates in high-traffic areas like Retail or Pleasant Park can be beneficial.

Vending Machines: Essential for Healing and Supplies

Throughout the map, vending machines are marked on the radar at each POI. These machines predominantly offer healing items, which are crucial for sustaining through extended fights. Defeated enemies drop more ammo and minis than they carried, ensuring players are well-equipped after engagements. Similarly, if players pick up a grappler from a fallen enemy, it will come fully loaded, a useful strategy to replenish their arsenal.

Swift Revival: Utilizing Fast Reboot Times

In Fortnite’s new Reload mode, reviving teammates is significantly faster, taking only 5 seconds solo and even quicker with more teammates assisting. This speedy revival is essential for maintaining momentum in fights or swiftly rejoining the squad after respawning. Strategically, squad wipes are what players need to focus on. While collecting kills can be tempting, eliminating entire teams prevents them from respawning and returning to challenge later. It’s a key tactic to secure the early-game position and avoid prolonged fights that can waste resources.

Supply drops frequently contain high-quality loot like purple or gold weapons, making them worthwhile targets as the match progresses. They also provide valuable shield items like Shield Bubbles and Bouncers, which can be crucial in the late-game. Managing bloom is vital in Reload, especially with third-person weapons. Bloom causes bullets to spread within the crosshair, requiring control and precision, particularly at longer ranges. Choosing weapons with minimal bloom, like the Hammer AR, can simplify combat, allowing for more effective spraying in close-quarters engagements.

Avoiding Tilted Towers: Optimal Strategy for Survival

inally, avoiding Tilted Towers early and mid-game can significantly improve chances of success in Reload. Its dense population and complex terrain often lead to prolonged engagements and third-party attacks from surrounding areas. Clearing Tilted quickly if players land there is crucial to moving on with sufficient loot and avoiding getting trapped in ongoing fights.

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