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Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3: Tips to Beat the Car Chaos

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 is regarded as the worst season launch since the Mech season drama. Players are frustrated at being regularly run over by cars without the ability to fight back. While the chaotic situation isn’t entirely in our control, there are ways to handle cars and their explosives this season. Epic Games rolled out an update that nerfed mythic cars from gaining health over time, and weapon attacks on cars now cause more damage than before. Keep reading to find the best ways to beat the car chaos in Fortnite.

Fortnite’s Nitro Fists Can Now Take Down Cars Easily?

Nitro gloves now do more damage to cars. This item should be the go-to for any player having trouble with cars and explosives. Despite the increase in damage, pro players suggest using this item to disengage and take advantage of its mobility for better positioning. Always ensure the nitro gloves are fully charged and avoid spamming them for rotations. Use this item to get to high ground and improvise from there.

Hold the High Ground

Since we’re on the topic of high ground, cars cannot fight for high ground, and that’s where the next set of strategies lie. This season, Fortnite’s island includes varied terrain. Staying above any car or truck is crucial. Plan rotations to move to high places like rooftops or mountains. This simple strategy should be followed before the final storm circle kicks in.

Utilize the Battle Bus EMP

The Battle Bus EMP can win games if used correctly. Honking the horn of the Battle Bus deploys an EMP that stops cars and damages the shield of the players inside. Although the turret still works, this tactic can stop car attacks and make enemies more vulnerable. Battle Buses are usually found driving around the map, often accompanying bosses. Initially, this bus didn’t seem impactful, but the EMP feature absolutely broke the meta.

Nitro Fists Vs Fortnite Cars

Nitro Fists aren’t just for mobility; they can also damage cars and players. Use the down W strike to hit cars or players from above. Uppercutting cars can flip them over, forcing players to exit the vehicle. However, be aware that there is no cover available when committing to a car fight with the gloves. Scan the area for possible third-party threats before committing to a fight with the nitro gloves.

In solo modes, consider getting into the enemy’s car. If you get the driver’s seat, you can control the vehicle and put the opponent in dangerous positions, such as driving into the storm or off a cliff. This tactic works well if the opponent is distracted or busy using the weapon attachments on the car. It’s a tough situation right now with the chaos surrounding the meta. If you really look at it though, every player faces the same risk of getting randomly run over. Hence, relying on the mentioned tactics will help players to have better odds in winning matches than the rest of the players. The map has been designed in such a way that there are plenty of ways for players to work through this tough situation.

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