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Fortnite Adds New Bosses Removes All Vehicles and Support NPCs from All Ranked Modes!

Finally, Epic is making the changes everyone has been asking for. Epic Games has completely removed vehicles and support NPCs from all ranked modes. The game still includes bosses, medallions, and mythic weapons on the island, but from a competitive standpoint, it is balanced again. This season frustrates many players, but the chaos of season “Wrecked” is slowly but surely wearing off.

The new update finally opens the bunker and, most importantly, adds brand new NPC bosses to the island along with their new mythics.

The Bunker Opening

The bunker has been locked since the beginning of the season. The long wait is over, and it is now open. The bunker at the top of Grand Glacia has finally opened. There are secrets to explore, including a place called Weapon X inside the bunker. The bunker contains clues about who has escaped. Claw marks on the walls indicate that Wolverine has escaped. There are two test tubes in the middle, showing that tests have been run on people. The new Wolverine skin, a mutated version due to experiments, is also revealed.Peely was also one of the test subjects. During Chapter 2, Season 4, a version of Peely with claws appeared. It turns out Peely was one of the test subjects all that time ago and has now escaped. Magneto has arrived on the island and set them free from the Weapon X lab bunker.

Magneto’s Arrival and Mythic Powers

Magneto, a new NPC on the island, is selling a brand new mythic. This mythic is his Magneto power for 400 gold. Testing this new mythic reveals it can block and fire, dealing 995 damage and providing low gravity.

Additional Fortnite Mythic Bosses

Fortnite has added other mythic bosses to the game. Each season in Chapter 5 has featured huge collaborations, bringing new mythic NPC bosses. Season 1 saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, while Season 2 featured a collaboration with Avatar, introducing new mythic abilities.

Pirates of the Caribbean Collaboration

In Season 3, a new collaboration with Pirates of the Caribbean is underway. Pirate ships have appeared on the island, and a new battle pass is on the way. The update has accidentally leaked the new NPC locations and their mythic abilities.

New NPC Locations and Fortnite’s Custom Mythic Abilities

  • Captain Jack Sparrow: Located near a cave with a pirate ship from Season 8, Chapter 1. He sells the Mythic Treasure Chest and a new mythic ability called “Shiing a Bottle.”
  • Davey Jones: Found on the west side of the island, selling the Mythic Treasure Chest.
  • Elizabeth Swan: Located at Pleasant Piaa, selling the Mythic Treasure Chest, bouncers, and shield bubbles.
  • Captain Barbosa: Found in the center of the island, selling the Mythic Treasure Chest, shockwave grenades, and apples.

As of now, Epic seems to be on the brink of completing the vaulting of the overpowered nitrous meta. There is a casual set of players who enjoy the “Wrecked” season, but honestly, even those players have grown bored of it. Removing it from ranked mode is by far the best change we’ve seen all season. Before this update, Epic added items to counter the car meta, but sadly, none of those items had a significant impact on the game. Hopefully, with the new changes, we’ll see streamers like Clix stop their IRL streams and get back on the Fortnite grind.

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