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Female CS:GO Pro Dropped from ESL Impact Team Amidst Controversy

GamerLegion recently made headlines due to the controversy surrounding Chloe “KittyTM” Geaney, a member of the organization’s female team, GL Prism. Geaney was dismissed from the team after just two days following the surfacing of screenshots on Twitter, allegedly showing her making racist and derogatory remarks via in-game text channels. GamerLegion acted promptly and decisively, severing ties with Geaney and emphasizing its commitment to upholding the values of respect and inclusivity within the esports community.

GamerLegion is proud of its diverse team, bound by a shared passion for esports. The organization promotes diversity, particularly within its female teams, aiming to break down stereotypes and foster greater representation for women in esports. The dismissal of Geaney reflects GamerLegion’s firm stance against discriminatory behavior that tarnishes the spirit of competition inherent in esports.

GL Prism, now with four active players, currently holds a 1-1 record in ESL Impact League Season 4 Europe. Despite the setback, the team continues to compete, with upcoming fixtures in ESL’s flagship women’s league. GamerLegion remains dedicated to showcasing the talent and dedication of its players and inspiring more individuals to pursue their dreams in esports, irrespective of gender.

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