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FC 24 Live Upgrades Reach Final Stages – FUT Guide

EA FC 24 live  upgrades has reached the final week of both Euros and Copa America with just two games remaining. Spain is in the finals, and Olmo contributed the most in terms of card rating and points. Additionally, today marks the last day of the FUT season, and EA decided to give 100 XP per game until the end of the season. Players who are trailing in season progress can now play games to progress and unlock rewards.

SBC Content Review

Starting with yesterday’s SBC content, the 93+ Player Pick upgrade pack was a simple refresh, including Team 2 of Path to Glory, at the same price (87-88 rated, requiring two Team of the Season or Team of the Week players). It’s craftable and worth a shot. Players opened pack and these and primarily got Gonzalez, who will soon be five-star, five-star after Argentina’s win.

After Spain beat France 2-1, EA dropped an International Stars Laporte FC 24 Live upgrade. This 98,000-coin SBC is great value, featuring 96 defending and special traits like Block Plus and Bruiser Jockey. It reminds everyone of past World Cup SBCs, promoting country success in major tournaments. Such content during the latter stages of Euros and Copa America is exciting. The Laporte SBC is a big win for its price, fun factor, and usability.

Market Impact and XP Boosts

Since the Laporte SBC is affordable, it’s causing center-back prices to drop. For instance, Marinos TOTS Moment card is down 53,000 coins. This drop occurred because the SBC for Laporte was released late, around midnight UK time, making it an unexpected yet fun addition.

The biggest content news is EA giving out XP for playing games. This catch-up XP boost is a huge win. Playing games like Rivals or Champs can now earn you 75-100 XP per game. This feature gives players more control over their progress, especially if they need a few thousand XP to reach the next level. Although it’s a grind, it helps unlock end-game cards that seemed out of reach.

FC 24 Live Upgrades from Euros and Copa America

Several cards received their five-star, five-star upgrades due to their nations winning in the semifinals. Spain and Argentina’s victories led to boosts for players like Dani Olmo and Pedri. Olmo spiked in price, and Pedri’s price dropped, reflecting typical market behavior during such events. Spanish Path to Glory cards like Jesus Navas and Ferran Torres also got their deserved boosts.

Icons like Zidane, Vieira, Henry, Desailly, and Trezeguet received a plus-one overall upgrade due to France’s performance. Although this is their first boost, it significantly affects their value and usability. Additionally, Truameni, Nico Williams, and Seaman received upgrades based on their performances.

Pending FC 24 Live Upgrades and Market Strategies

Some upgrades are still pending, including skill move and weak foot boosts for Argentine players. For example, De Paul’s value reflects the anticipation of his upgrade. The market remains volatile, and selling live cards into the hype, as seen with Julian Alvarez, continues to be a smart strategy. Keep an eye on cards like Casillas, who might receive additional upgrades due to his performance.

Rumors about another promo that isn’t FUTTIES were floating around, but a recent Haaland leak suggests FUTTIES will be the next upcoming promo.

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