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FC 24 End Game Promo Incoming? – EA FC FUTTIES Leaks

EA FC 24 is finally reaching the end game. Leakers have confirmed that the Futties promo is coming to the game very soon. For those who don’t know, Futties is probably the highest-rated promo to feature in any edition of the game so far. Last year, FIFA 23 saw the Futties content completely take over the game. SBCs featured 84*10 packs, giving players a high chance of unpacking highly rated players. The dates of this promo are not yet confirmed. However, leakers have revealed the card design and the premium design of the promo cards.

Official Futties Card Design

We’re talking about something else now because this is news hot off the press. EA FC has added cards to the code, including official designs for the staple summer promo, Futties. With it being July, Futties isn’t far off. Here’s the official Futties card design, which I saw yesterday. It looks really mid and basic, with the usual vibrant pink color but lacking the detail we expect. This design looks too plain for an end-game promo. Comparing this year’s base Futties card design to last year’s, the previous design featured more gold and intricate details, like the Sancho card. The current design is mostly pink with a few gold specks, much simpler than last year’s. However, the Futties premium design, added to the code, retains the crown and gold details, continuing the trend from last year.

EA FC 24 High-Rated Players and End-Game Hype

Last year’s Futties premium cards included 99-rated players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Donnarumma, and Neymar. These high-rated cards might return this year in EA FC. The end-game Futties in FIFA 23 was one of the most hyped periods with high rewarding packs and elite gameplay. This year’s design is simpler but still better than the base Futties design.

Futties Icons and EA FC Upcoming Promos

The Futties icon design, although more basic, still stands out. Comparing it to the greats of the game design, this icon design looks clean and mint. We just had all icons for grades of the game teams released. Who will get an icon card next? There are still many deserving icons without recent promo cards, like Rio Ferdinand, Jairzinho, and Eusebio. These could feature in the Futties promo, though the exact boosts and features remain unknown.

Futties icons might not be live for upgrades, as historically, footy cards haven’t been live. With Euro and Copa America promos still ongoing, we’re nearing the end of Season 7 Festival of Football. Last year’s Futties started on July 21st, so we might see Futties cards as early as next week, coinciding with the new season’s drop.

Before Futties, we expect two more Euro and Copa America promos: UEFA Euro International Stars and UEFA Euro Team of the Tournament. The International Stars promo might start this Friday, followed by Team of the Tournament on July 12th, setting the stage for Futties on July 19th. The upcoming season might give more clues about potential Shape Shifters, another summer promo from last year.

This week’s Expectations

As we move closer to Futties, current EA FC  content continues. Today, we expect new packs or player picks, possibly including icons. Last week’s 92+ PTG Make Your Mark player pick had poor value. We’re curious about today’s content, hoping for better options. Leaked SBCs suggest Figo, Lizarazu, or a hero card might be available soon. High expectations remain for upcoming SBCs and packs.

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