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F-Zero 99 goes back in time with new mode

F-Zero 99 has already featured new courses and now you can also play a new mode. This mode takes you back in time, which does suit this racer that has a retro look. Version 1.1.0 is now available for download for F-Zero 99. Among other things, this update adds the “Classis Race” mode. This is an online race that will follow the rules of the original. For example, there will only be 20 racers on the track instead of 99, and the extra features that F-Zero 99 brings – including the ‘spin attack’ and unlimited boost – will be disabled. To really convey the feel of the Super Nintendo version, Classis Race will be displayed in 4:3 instead of 16:9.

The new mode is not the only thing that update 1.1.0 for F-Zero 99 brings with it. The entire list of additions and changes is as follows:

New Additions

  • Added a new Classic mode. These are 20-player races with the same rules as the Super NES version of F-ZERO. Classic races are one variety of special event and will be held periodically.
  • Added Lucky Ranks gameplay. Every time you enter a race, your rank and the machine you used will be recorded. After entering five races, you can reveal the Lucky Ranks. If your ranks match any of the ranks on the cards—or your machine matches the machine shown—you can receive in-game rewards.
    • You can reach the Lucky Ranks screen by pressing the L Stick on the main menu.
    • You can reveal the Lucky Ranks card once per day.
  • Added backdrops, badges, and borders that can be used to customize Pilot Cards. After meeting the specified conditions, you will be able to use them for customization.
    • You can check the specified conditions and perform customization by selecting WORKSHOP on the main menu, and then selecting PILOT CARDS.

Other Adjustments and Changes

  • Made it easier to return to the main menu after crashing out or getting ranked out during MINI PRIX or GRAND PRIX races. (In Ver. 1.0.2 and earlier there were cases where, depending on the timing, it was not possible to leave the race for a little while).
  • Adjusted the difficulty for the initial startup training to make it easier. A feature to skip training has also been added, making it possible to enter online races with other players right away.
    • After the first training race has ended, you can skip all remaining training by pressing the Y Button on the main menu. Additionally, from the second race (F-ZERO 25) onward, an option to skip to the next race will display if you crash out or are ranked out.
    • You cannot return to a training once you have skipped it.
  • In F-ZERO 99, players who just started the game or are not yet used to the gameplay will now be matched together.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed issues to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.
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