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Epic Adds New NPC Villages and Glider Enhancements in Lego Fortnite

Amidst the new reload update and Metallica live concerts, Epic also managed to drop a content update for Lego Fortnite. From new NPC villages to an upgraded glider, this update has introduced a ton of new gameplay to Lego Fortnite. Also, Epic has removed rarity in crafting benches, allowing players to progress much faster in this custom survival mode. While it’s true that Epic hasn’t hyped up this update much, the content that has dropped for Lego Fortnite is certainly one of the biggest updates in terms of overall changes. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the new Lego Fortnite update


Crafting Bench and the New Glider in Lego Fortnite

Starting out at the crafting bench, if the fourth tab is opened, a brand new glider can be seen. Epic has named this the “basic” glider and is not too expensive to make. Once all necessary materials are collected, crafting the basic glider is straightforward. With both gliders crafted, it’s logical to compare them.

The basic glider is smaller and yellow, similar in color to cheese. Despite its modest appearance, its functionality must be tested. After gliding off a geyser, it feels similar to the previous glider before the update, which now boasts 100% more effective stamina usage. This suggests the basic glider may be the replacement for the original OG glider. The stamina usage is minimal, confirming its efficiency.

Testing Epic’s New Glider

Swapping to the actual glider shows a noticeable improvement. The glider moves slowly but efficiently, with stamina barely decreasing even after extended use. This makes the updated glider an exceptional method of transportation, immune to fall damage yet demanding careful use.

Expert Mode World Updates & Crafting Bench Changes – LEGO Fortnite

This post also takes place in an expert mode world, a continuation of a daily survival series. At the base, a new crafting bench needs to be tested. In this update Epic removed rarity crafting benches, simplifying the crafting process in Lego Fortnite. Previously, the epic crafting bench, a fully upgraded version, allowed building every tool and item. The updated version no longer requires upgrades, making all recipes available from the start.

The patch notes confirm that upgrading crafting benches was removed to streamline the process of acquiring recipes. This change aims to make crafting quicker by simply picking up necessary resources. While the grind of upgrading benches was enjoyable, this update significantly simplifies the crafting process.

Epic adds Elegant Corner Recipes and More Updates

Another part of the update fixed a bug with elegant counters, now available in survival mode. These new pieces, granted by villagers, add aesthetic value to the game, though expensive to craft. A new feature introduces jump attacks producing critical hits with double damage. Testing this on bandits shows significant damage output, making it a powerful addition to the game.

NPC-Owned Villages

A new cozy world features a village owned and operated by an NPC, Bright Bomber. This village acts as a tutorial, guiding new players through building and crafting. Exploring the village reveals various structures and items, offering a comprehensive introduction to the game.

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