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EA FC Live Upgrades Dropping Daily: Best Cards & SBC

Live upgrades are keeping EA FC alive even after the regular season is over. With the Euros and Copa America kicking in, a ton of live SBCs and player cards are available almost every day. It is important to guess the results of the matches and buy cards accordingly. Prices have been fluctuating wildly the whole of this week, and players can expect even more chaos in the upcoming week. In this post, we’ll look into everything that was dropped in the game last Saturday and discuss various other player trading options that might be crucial for this week.
EA FC Live SBC Updates With Upgrades

Saturday’s content had one bright spot. The 84 x 7 upgrade pack is the same as last week, requiring two squads (83 and 85 rated). It’s a one-time chance to get players from the promo team Copa or Euros related. It’s worth crafting at some point during the week with player picks. The repeatable upgrade pack is the 86 double, which also requires an 85-rated squad. Compared to the 85 x 5 pack, which also needed an 85-rated squad, this SBC seems underwhelming. Although the 85 x 5 often gave out two 86-rated gold cards, it was the better option due to the number of players it offered. This SBC is harder to complete because it’s more challenging to obtain 85-rated cards. The menu grind has slowed down as a result, although objective packs still offer high rated player possibilties.

Upgrade SBC Highlights: EA FC Flashbacks and More

Saturday’s random flashback featured Eve Perisset, a French right back from Chelsea, with high work rates and interesting attributes. However, it may not excite many players. The description mentions her solid performances with the national team at UEFA Women’s Euro 2022, which seems quite basic. The highlight of the content was Alejandro Garnacho’s Argentinian live and upgrading SBC. Garnacho’s card has Five Star skills and a Four Star weak foot, with a significant overall rating boost from 92 to 96. Despite concerns about his playing time, this SBC is highly valued for its current potential.

Evolution Cards

The new Evolution cards are free but limited to German players. Although the Evolution offers boosts like Five Star skills and improved stats, it may not appeal to many players. For example, a German center back, Clauer, could be interesting due to his high pace, defending, and physical stats.

Store Packs and Market Movements

A 650k pack in the store guarantees two Make Your Mark cards and offers a chance to pack multiple players. Make Your Mark cards are experiencing price fluctuations, especially for players who haven’t played yet due to anticipated upgrades.

Daily Upgrades

EA continues to release daily upgrades three hours after games end. Players like DeMarco, Nico Williams, Le Normand, Pedri, and others have received boosts. These upgrades impact market prices, with players like Danny ELO seeing significant price increases after their upgrades.

Market Insights

Nico Williams, for example, saw a spike in price from 487,000 to 565,000 coins when announced in the starting lineup. This pattern shows the market’s anticipation of player performances and potential upgrades.

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