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EA FC 24 Upgradable SBCs Are Becoming More Affordable!

Monday had some surprising results in Euro 2024. Belgium lost to Albania 1-0, and Doku did not receive the expected upgrades in EA FC 24  because of this. Apart from the Euro upgrades, a few other SBCs were added to the game. While there isn’t much happening gameplay-wise, the market seems to be the core focus this week. Many mid-eighties rated cards are increasing in value, making this the perfect time to invest in low-tier cards and make a quick profit. Keep reading to learn more about what’s happening in the game this week.

Arda Guler SBC Released in EA FC 24

Yesterday’s SBCs included the long-anticipated Arda Guler, a player many had been eagerly awaiting. This SBC is cheap and usable, featuring five-star skills, a four-star weak foot, and four playstyle pluses. Although not the most meta card, it’s fun and offers good chemistry boosts, especially with Real Madrid links. The card’s only drawbacks are its slightly low pace and 88 reactions, but adding a hunter can help mitigate these issues. The SBC costs about 180,000 coins and requires two squads: an 86-rated and an 88-rated.

85+ Player Pick SBC

Other SBCs released included the 85+ player pick, which is highly recommended. These picks are an excellent investment, especially for trading. Low-tier fodder, like 84s, has increased in value due to high demand, making them a profitable option for trading and bidding. The 81+ player pick also returned, now offering a one-of-four player pick but requiring 11 golds instead of eight, which makes the grind less efficient. Despite this, it’s still worth considering for those seeking additional player options.

Regarding the Euro games, there were notable updates and upsets. Romania’s 3-0 win over Ukraine saw chemistry boosts for Mudric and Drason, while Belgium’s loss was a significant upset, leading to a drop in Belgium player cards’ market value. The French team also received upgrades, with Bradley Barcola getting one of the better boosts.

Panic Selling, New SBCs and Market Fluctuations in EA FC 24

Monday saw significant market fluctuations due to Belgium’s unexpected loss in Euro 2024 and the new SBC players. Many traders panicked and sold their cards at lower prices. For instance, I picked up a rare Trossard card at 900,000 coins and sold it for 1.04 million coins, making a good profit. Yesterday, Trossard’s price plummeted to 850,000 coins but later rebounded to around 900,000 coins. This trend is similar to Lukaku, as both cards saw a significant drop due to panic selling. However, they remain in a group with potential to advance and secure more wins, making these cards valuable investments if bought at their lowest points.

Petit, a French card, experienced a similar trend. His price dropped from 680,000 to 560,000 coins after France scored only one goal, an own goal, affecting his upgrade potential. I bought a Petit card at 555,000 coins, anticipating future upgrades and market rebounds. Despite Mbappe’s injury, France’s potential to score more goals remains, making Petit a valuable investment. His card is still live and likely to gain upgrades, maintaining its value.

Icon Cards and Investment Opportunities

Icon cards present excellent investment opportunities, especially during market dips. Petit is a prime example, dropping significantly in value despite his upgrade potential. Investing in icons during these dips can net substantial profits as their prices rebound. Similarly, Kalulu, whose price dropped from 800,000 to 700,000 coins, offers potential for future profits , especially if Mbappe remains out, providing Kalulu more opportunities for appearances and upgrades.

Other cards, like Shuameni, also present buying opportunities. His price dropped due to injury and lack of upgrades, but his value may rise once he returns and performs. Copa cards are another category to watch. As the tournament approaches, cards like Weston McKennie have increased in value, highlighting the potential for profits through strategic investments.

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