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EA FC 24: A Disappointing Week of Content – Is EA Saving Up for Next Week?

This week has been a massive disappointment in terms of the overall content EA FC 24 has brought to us. Yes, there were a ton of SBCs, but none of those SBCs rewarded meta players. By the looks of it, EA does seem to be holding out on the good cards, as recent leaks showed Live Icon cards coming in packs soon. With the end game approaching as well, we’ll look into everything that EA has rolled out this week so far.

SBC Content : Montal Player SBC &  Flashback Kim Little SBC

The Montal Player SBC disappointed many players. Despite having five-star skills and a four-star weak foot, the card already had two upgrades due to Argentina’s clean sheets in Copa America. This limited the card’s potential for further improvements, making it not worth the 220,000 coins for most players. The lack of significant upgrades made the card feel more like an emotional pick for fans building an Argentinian team rather than a valuable addition.

The flashback Kim Little SBC offered a fun, affordable option at around 60,000 coins. With a five-star weak foot and decent play styles, her card attracts players looking to experiment with different options. However, it seems more like a novelty rather than a game-changing card.

Pack Weight Issues

The “Make Your Mark Team 2” pack had extremely poor pack weight. Many players, including streamers, reported opening numerous packs with little to no valuable returns. High-profile streamers opened 20-25 packs and received very few desirable players. The general consensus was that the pack weight was not worth the 50,000 coins, even for those willing to take a gamble/ This week’s FUT Champs bonus objective faced a 30-minute delay due to an issue with the reward players not being available in objectives. This added to the frustration of many players who were expecting smooth content delivery. The objective required a full squad of Portuguese players, with Rui Patricio and Gabrielle as the main rewards. However, Gabrielle’s card, despite potential upgrades, did not meet the hype, leading to disappointment among the community.

Portuguese and Brazilian Cards

Many investors saw a spike in Portuguese card prices leading up to EA FC 24’s objective content drop, but the hype quickly died down, causing a market correction. The same pattern is now anticipated with Brazilian cards as speculation grows about next week’s objectives. The lesson here is to sell into the hype to avoid losses from sudden market corrections. Also, EA’s decision to run lightning rounds on a Wednesday confused everyone. With three significant packs available, it seemed like a cash grab. The impact on the market was noticeable, with fodder prices dropping due to the sudden increase in supply. Players were advised against opening these packs as the potential profits did not justify the cost.

Fodder Investment: A Potential Opportunity

Despite the market fluctuations caused by the lightning rounds, there might be an opportunity for investment in fodder. With upcoming content and the potential refresh of the icon player pick, fodder prices could rise. Monitoring these prices closely could lead to profitable investments in Ea FC 24.

Euro 2024 Qualifiers: Player Upgrades

The last day of Euro 2024 qualifiers brought some exciting upgrades:

  • Teate: Received a +1 for Belgium’s clean sheet/draw.
  • Kicha: Upgraded due to Georgia’s win against Portugal.
  • Gazo: Upgraded for Romania, receiving a technical play style plus, making his card exceptionally valuable with five-star skills and technical finesse.

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