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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Unmoored World: BEGINNER Guide

For those seeking to venture into the enigmatic Unmoored World, the path is shrouded in mystery and challenge. To gain entry to this elusive realm, one must first conquer the main storyline, culminating in an epic final battle against the formidable Grigori

Battle against Grigori 

As the dragon carries you to the battlefield, Grigori will impart a cryptic hint: to break the cycle and instigate change, you must sever the very bonds that bind you. The key to unlocking this secret lies in a daring act of sacrifice, where you must grapple your way to Grigori’s heart and impale yourself with the Empowered Godsbane Blade. 

Only then will a cutscene transport you to the long-awaited Unmoored World, where an entirely new adventure awaits the brave and resolute.

What is the Unmoored World?

The Unmoored World is a post-game area with rogue-lite mechanics. The world has a reddish hue, and a red fog gradually engulfs the land. You must complete objectives before the world ends. 

Failing will restart you on the first day in the Unmoored World. This is the only way to obtain the true ending.

Changes in the Unmoored World

While the map looks similar, many things have changed. First, you’ll encounter new enemies like Liches and variants of Skeletons, Undead, and Dragons. Enemy placements have changed, and foes are stronger versions of familiar enemies. 

New chests appear, many containing Ferrystones due to the lack of Oxcarts. Some shops offer better weapons and armor. Additionally, some NPCs thought dead are alive again.

The world itself has changed. New areas have opened up, and parts of the land are destroyed, making navigation difficult in some regions. Most notably, the red fog gradually envelops the world, acting as a time limit. If you don’t complete objectives within this hidden time limit, you’ll fail and have to restart.

Key Differences:
  • No Oxcarts
  • More Ferrystones in chests, dropped by enemies and bosses
  • Stronger enemies with new variants
  • More Wyrmslife Crystals
  • You restart from day one if you die
  • Red fog engulfs the world, acting as a time limit

Objectives in the Unmoored World

Your main goal is to save all the people by completing quest lines. Most quests involve convincing townsfolk to evacuate cities. Additionally, each major settlement has a red beacon. Interacting with these beacons triggers a boss fight against a Purgener. Defeating all Purgeners is another main objective. However, you must complete these tasks before the red fog engulfs the world, creating time pressure.

Before starting, you’ll need to find your missing main pawn and visit Rothais at the Seafloor Shrine (which now has no sea). Here are the quests you must complete:

  • Dreams Apart
  • Halls of the First Dawn
  • Kill the Vernworth Purgener
  • The Regentkin’s Resolve
  • Kill the Sacred Arbor Purgener
  • A Scholarly Pursuit – Kill the Bakbattahl Purgener
  • Civil Unrest
  • Kill the Volcanic Island Camp Purgener
  • The Importance of Aiding Ernesto
  • Kill the Excavation Site Purgener
  • Shepherd of the Pawns

Prioritize Objectives

It’s crucial to prioritize objectives and complete quests efficiently. Defeating nearby red beacons can slow down the red fog’s advance, buying you more time.

Focus on the first few quests and their associated red beacons, as the mist can negatively impact those areas first.

After those initial quests, the red fog becomes less pressing. You can then rest at inns, but avoid excessive resting, as time is limited. Use Ferrystones to save time whenever possible, as they are plentiful in the Unmoored World.

With careful planning and execution, you can navigate the Unmoored World, complete all objectives, and witness the true ending of Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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