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Dota 2: Blacklist Rivalry loses to TNC Predator 2-0

TNC Predator defeated Blacklist Rivalry 2-0 in the showdown at the International SEA Qualifier to showcase their tactical skills and establish themselves as a serious contender in the tournament. Want to know what happened Blacklist Rivalry vs TNC Predator? Dive in.

Match OverviewBlacklist Rivalry vs TNC Predator

Game 1: A Strong Start for TNC Predator

The series began with the first game and TNC Predator showed better strategy and coordination. They executed a well-planned draft that capitalized on their strengths, leaving Blacklist Rivalry struggling to find their footing. Key plays and big plays from TNC Predator’s core players gave them an unbreakable lead and they won the opener.

Game 2: Sealing the Series

During the second match, TNC Predator continued to dominate. Blacklist Rivalry tried to change things up, but TNC was just too flexible and efficient. From effective ganking to precise teamfights throughout the game, TNC took full advantage of every opportunity. TNC’s pressure eventually overwhelmed Blacklist Rivalry and the series was finally over 2-0.

TNC Predator’s Star Performers

A number of TNC Predator players came out in the match. Their synergy and individual skill were crucial to the victory. Other notable performances included:

  • Gabbi: His slick carry play gave him the damage and late-game protection he needed.
  • Armel: Armel played his part as the mid-laner and helped dictate the game tempo in both matches.
  • Tims: His support play enabled pivotal plays and game-winning plays.

Blacklist Rivalry’s Efforts

Despite the loss, Blacklist Rivalry had its moments of greatness. Their attempts to counter TNC Predator’s tactics showed their potential, but inconsistent play and missed opportunities cost them the series. Stars such as Karl and Raven showed their ability but were unable to turn the tide against TNC’s relentless assault.

Implications for The International 2024Blacklist Rivalry vs TNC Predator

TNC Predator’s Path Forward

With this win, TNC Predator have solidified their position as a contender in The International 2024. Their performance in the SEA Qualifier reflects their potential and ambition. They will need to maintain this momentum and work on any weaknesses that other top-level teams could exploit.

Blacklist Rivalry’s Road to Redemption

For Blacklist Rivalry, the loss is a setback but not the end of their journey. They have the talent and potential to come back stronger. Understanding their performance and learning from their mistakes will likely be crucial in getting ready for upcoming matches and wishing for a good run in future tournaments.


The match between Blacklist Rivalry vs TNC Predator showed just how competitive Dota 2’s SEA region can get. Hard work and great play helped TNC Predator to a 2-0 victory. As both teams progress further into The International 2024, look out for more high-stakes action.

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