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Did FUT Champs glitched TOTS rewards for Ligue 1 end EA FC 24?

Throughout the past weeks, EA FC 24 has been running TOTS promos for different leagues. While these events are exciting, EA seems to be in turmoil regarding pack weight. Ideally, players receive 95+ rated players on a very rare basis. Unfortunately for EA, the pack was glitched, and players were regularly obtaining high-value TOTS players. This isn’t the first time EA has made mistakes. Continue reading to learn more about why EA FC 24 might be finished after this game-breaking glitch.

EA’s History with Glitched Packs

This is the first season for EAFC 24, and there’s certainly a lot to learn from it. Earlier this year, players were granted a TOTY Messi as part of the glitched packs rolled out. Unlike typical glitched packs, there was nothing specific any player had to do. Players received a 95-rated Messi for almost an hour while the rewards were live. In EA’s defense, not many players were aware of this glitch, so it lasted only for roughly an hour, and not many players gained access to this card. Those who quickly claimed their rewards were the only players who got access to Messi.

EA claimed that less than 0.7% of the total player base opened these glitched packs. Though 0.7 percent seems small compared to the active FUT user base, it’s a major concern. The biggest issue players raised was that all pro players actively claim the rewards as soon as they’re live. This includes major streamers, as pack opening content is highly viewed on EA FC. Hence, high elo players quickly noticed this glitch and claimed the boosted rewards promptly. Access to EA FC’s web companion allows players to open TOTS packs without being in front of their PC/console.

EA does it again with the glitched Ligue 1 TOTS rewards.

Unlike the Messi glitch, this time players were given glitched overpowered packs for 3 hours. Yes, you read that right. Players like Dembele and Mbappe were given out to players with barely 8 wins out of the 20 FUT Champions matches. Since these rewards were live for 3 hours, certainly more than 0.7% of players got access to it this time. EA has acknowledged the glitch and fixed it after 3 hours, but the damage was already done.

Players who grind the Champions mode in FUT are most likely going to run into teams with Mbappe or Dembele. Both these players have been given max pace stats, and playing against them is an absolute nightmare. The only way for EA to really fix this solution is to roll out an equally overpowered player as an SBC objective player. SBC objective players are rewards to players who complete a bunch of FUT-based challenges. It is easy to complete and just takes around 7-8 matches to finish. Hopefully, EA grants everyone access to similar overpowered players at really cheap prices. From what I see, that’s probably the only real way to balance this situation.

The takeaway for us players is to open packs as soon as they are live. Until now, every major pro recommends saving them and opening when the best player pool is available. But from what’s been going on throughout the season, glitched player packs are most active as soon as they’re live. Hopefully, EA finds a way to fix this situation and make the game playable for everyone.


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