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Did Boogie Bombs Just Save Fortnite Season 3 from Being Wrecked? – Weapon Guide

Fortnite’s new “Wrecked” season has stirred a love-hate relationship among players. While casual gamers find it enjoyable, pros have labeled it the worst season yet. Despite the criticism, these overpowered cars aren’t going away anytime soon. However, there are ways to counter this chaos. Let’s look into all the weapons included in Fortnite Wrecked.


The Gatekeeper Shotgun tops the list for its ability to deal massive damage, especially up close or against opponents exiting vehicles. Players gain access to Fornite’s iconic Oscar’s Frenzy Auto Shotgun after defeating Oscar at Classy Courts. While the weapon packs a punch, players need to get dangerously close for maximum impact.
The Combat Shotgun, while offering consistent damage and range, falls slightly short compared to the Gatekeeper in terms of time to kill.

Automatic Weapons in Fortnite Season 3 

The Thunderburst SMG or War Forge Jr excel at swiftly eliminating opponents, particularly those in vehicles. The Thunderburst SMG has proven its reliability throughout the year. Both the Enforcer AR and Tack AR received buffs this season in Fortnite. The Enforcer has high damage and a faster fire rate, while the Tactical AR, especially in its “gold” variant, offers accuracy and heavier damage.

Specialty Fortnite Weapons and Items

The Crossbow is best suited weapon for eliminating vehicles and forcing enemies out of cover. The Mythic Crossbow from Nitro provides solid range against vehicular threats. While still in Fortnite, the DMR and Hand Cannon have minimal impact on the meta due to the dominance of SUVs/Cars. The Crossbow proves more effective against cars, trucks, and SUVs. Flow Berry Fizz, Cola, or Big Pots: Cola stands out for its ability to provide sustained healing over time, allowing for increased mobility during engagements. This item was brought in from the fallout collab and is one of the best healing items in the game at the moment.

Fornite’s Mobility Items

Nitro Gloves allow for effective mobility, rotations, and disengaging from enemies with relatively low cooldown times. The gloves can also be used as a weapon for taking down drivers camping inside vehicles.

Car Mods

Bulletproof Tires offer superior strength compared to off-road tires, protecting against tire damage and ensuring sturdy mobility. Outperforming the grenade launcher in versatility, the Machine Gun Turret excels at engaging moving targets, be they vehicles or enemy players. Choose between the cow catcher and spiked grill based on personal preference, with the spiked variant potentially inflicting greater damage to both players and vehicles.

Boogie Bombs to the Rescue Fortnite?

For players struggling with the chaos on the island, the Boogie Bomb has finally arrived. Throw this grenade onto moving vehicles, and it forces players out of the vehicle. Enemies are kicked off the vehicles while being forced to dance, just like the Boogie Bomb from the old days. This item was added to the game quite late and should have been available from launch. Epic might have saved this for now so that players get to roam around with the war tanks and trucks from the Mad Max collab.

While playing Fortnite at the launch of this season, the level of chaos in the game was at an absolute high. Over the years, only the Robots (mech drama) era was as chaotic. The delayed release of Boogie Bombs kinda revived the season, and the game is much more playable now. For players more into car fights, beware of the Boogie Bombs. This item literally makes you dance in front of your enemies while they are lining up their headshots.

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