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Conor Gallagher FC 24 SBC: All 90+ Stat Cheap SBC

Both the Copa America and the Euros have reached their end phase, and FC 24 has teased a new promo for Friday. Futties is the biggest promo of the year, and there are several good players available right now in SBCs. Connor Gallagher recently became available in SBCs with an all-90 stat card. This SBC is relatively cheap. We will look into this SBC and everything else that dropped into the game this past week.

This Week’s FC 24 Content Overview

Monday’s  content included a mid-player SBC that fits into an EVO and a bright spot with the player picks. Let’s start with the mid-player SBC, which we will call Connor Gallagher, an English live card for their game tomorrow. This card has a chance to get upgrades if England wins the semifinal and final. Notably, he is cheap and was initially dropped with three play style pluses. Thirty minutes after the content drop, EA added Tiki Taka plus and upgraded Joe Gomez’s stats.

Connor Gallagher FC 24SBC

This card, given a fourth play style plus as deserved, has impressive stats like 85 composure and 86 acceleration, though some stats like agility and balance are lower. With a 90+ face stat card, four-star skills, five-star weak foot, and high work rates, it could be a good box-to-box midfielder. At 123,000 coins, it is a cheap SBC to complete and can potentially be put into an Evo. In the Euro Glory Evo, this card can become very solid with enhanced stats. If England wins tomorrow, Gallagher could get a five-star boost and become a 96-rated card.

Other English cards would get upgraded too. Comparing Gallagher to Lisandro Martinez, Gallagher seems better. There is a wish for a Copa Glory Evo like the Euro Glory Evo. Lisandro Martinez, with live upgrades from the Argentina game, would benefit from such an Evo. The Connor Gallagher SBC is decent, and its potential upgrades make it more appealing.

82+ Player Pick SBC

The 82+ player pick SBC, the best SBC of the day, greatly enhances menu craftability. Despite mid pack weight, it offers a chance to pack promo cards and higher-rated players for exchanges. The 82+ pick significantly aids the grind for non-rares and rares in player picks. Completing around 30 of these yielded four promo cards, proving its worth.

84+ Player Pick SBC

The 84+ player pick SBC, a bit pricier, is also available. Though requiring 2 85s and an 83 rated squad, it remains doable with decent fodder. Opening these packs can still yield valuable cards.

France FC 24 Evo: Allez Les Bleus

The France Evo, possibly the best nation-specific Evo yet, includes notable cards like Thunderstruck Varane. Varane’s 45 balance is poor, but his in-game performance is strong. Other cards, like Viera Gold Griezmann and SBC Team of the Year moments, are also performing well in this Evo. This free Evo is worth exploring if fitting cards are available.

FC 24 XP and Objectives

No XP was released yesterday, disappointing many players aiming for level 25 or 27 rewards. EA did release a mean objective in the FC 24 Pro Tab, offering 400 XP only obtainable after the new season starts.

Price trends for PTG cards, especially those re-released, are rising. Cards like Bukayo Saka have significantly increased in value. Selling into the hype is advised as we near the competition’s end. As teams face Do or Die scenarios, card prices will fluctuate drastically. The upgrade hype is dwindling, and selling cards soon is recommended to capitalize on current values.

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