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Cafu Icon SBC : Is He Worth It Without Brazilian Players? – EA FC 24 FUT Guide

EA has been introducing new icon players consistently over the past week. Cafu is a new player icon that has entered the list of SBCs. For now, teams with Brazilian players as the majority might need to consider Cafu, as he looks absolutely broken when paired with the right players. What happens if there are not many Brazilians in the squad? Is Cafu still good enough? We’ll be covering that and more about what’s happened over the week in EA FC 24.

Considering Cafu in FC 24

Sunday’s Content introduced Cafu into the mix, prompting many to question whether to pursue this SBC. Given the abundance of fodder available, it’s a dilemma worth considering. While Wayne Rooney is also a contender, Cafu’s high price is a major concern. Let’s examine the card first: rated at 96, with playstyle pluses in whipped pass, block, quick step, and aerial for a right-back position, Cafu’s attributes make him a formidable player. Despite being undersized at 5’9″, his aerial ability is surprisingly effective. With five-star skills, a four-star weak foot, and high-high work rates, Cafu lacks some of the essential defensive playstyles for this stage of the game. Nevertheless, his iconic status and base version performance suggest he could justify his cost. Additionally, as Cafu’s upgrades are tied to Brazil’s future games (starting with the upcoming match against Colombia), his live status adds to his allure.

Pricing and Value – FC 24 Cafu Icon Card

However, at a hefty cost of 2.1 million coins, Cafu’s SBC is more expensive than Wayne Rooney’s in FC 24. This raises questions about whether the investment is worthwhile, despite the potential upgrades that could make him one of the best right-backs in the game. With so much fodder available this week—thanks to packs like the 85 x 5 and the 84 x 10s, as well as the ongoing availability of promo cards—the SBC includes several 88 and 89-rated squads, supplemented by a few 92s and 91s. These requirements can be fulfilled using lower-rated fodder cards like the 86s and 87s from the 85 x 5 packs. Additionally, the one-off duplicate icon or hero from the Greats of the Game promo simplifies completing the higher-rated SBCs. These factors present compelling reasons to consider undertaking this SBC.

Comparing Alternatives

In contrast, the free-to-acquire right-back Jonathan Klaus boasts impressive attributes, including whipped pass plus, anticipate plus, relentless plus, and remains live and upgrading with France’s ongoing matches. Should France advance past Belgium, he stands to receive additional upgrades, potentially reaching an overall rating of 96. Already praised by some users, including those who previously utilized Frimpong, Klaus’s value was evident as the reveal and release of Cafu’s SBC initially caused Frimpong’s price to drop from 640k to 540k, before rebounding to nearly 600k as players opted to retain Frimpong over pursuing Cafu. Such market dynamics underscore the hesitation among players to commit their resources to Cafu’s SBC.

Cafu Loan Card

Consequently, I recommend testing Cafu’s loan for five matches. Evaluate his performance in competitive modes like Champs and Rivals to gauge his impact on your team chemistry and overall gameplay experience. If Cafu proves to be the ideal right-back for your team’s needs and performs well during his loan tenure, then completing his SBC could be justified. Conversely, if the cost seems prohibitive or if you prefer not to invest heavily at this time, opting out is a reasonable decision as well.


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