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Best and Worst Agents to Play in Abyss – Valorant Guide

The launch of the new map “Abyss” has been quite controversial since day one. Players have been dropping off the map in comedic fashion almost every game. This might be the map with the steepest learning curve. But do not worry one bit. In this guide, we will cover the best and worst agents from every role to play on Abyss. Yes, the map looks big, but once players understand the strengths and weaknesses of every agent on the map, it becomes much easier to play in Abyss. Previous Valorant maps like Fracture, Icebox, and Sunset had similar steep learning curves, but over time, players began to understand the maps, and slowly, these maps became fun and playable. Setting the same expectations for Abyss will definitely help in learning the map much faster.

Abyss Controllers

Brimstone and Clove

Brimstone and Clove are the worst controllers on this map. The main issue is their range. Both have the same maximum distance for deploying smokes, which limits their effectiveness on Abyss. On most Valorant maps, you can play towards mid and both sides, but that isn’t even possible on Abyss. The best you can do is play on one of the mid-links, and even then, you’ll have to cross a dangerous area to smoke the other side. Another problem with dome smokers, in general, is that they don’t effectively cover the main choke points. This is particularly noticeable towards B, where the Nest area remains a problem. Additionally, there are gaps on both sides, and elevated areas on A can overlook your smokes. Despite some upsides, like Brimstone’s molly and ult and Clove’s overall viability, these two are lacking compared to other controllers on this map.


Harbor is the best controller for Abyss. His ability to bend his walls allows for better attacks on sites, especially with Cascade, which is great for the elevated areas. His ultimate is perfect for the execute-heavy style of this map, and Cascade is an incredible answer to the different elevation areas. Despite being a weak agent currently, his utility fits well on this map, making him the top controller.



Sage is the worst pick overall for this map but still not below B-tier. Her wall is great for safely planting or defusing the bomb, her heal is nice to have, and her ultimate is useful in ranked. While more passive information from other Sentinels might be valuable, Sage remains a viable option on Abyss.


Chamber is the highest-rated Sentinel due to the long sightlines on Abyss. His ultimate, which is essentially an operator, thrives here. The different elevations allow for creative plays with his teleport, making him dominant on this map.

Initiators For Abyss


Fade is the worst initiator on this map. The Leer size makes it difficult to find great value in her abilities, which are limited by range. Compared to other recon initiatorsin Valorant, she falls short on Abyss.


Breach is the strongest initiator on Abyss. Despite needing another recon agent for optimal team composition, Breach’s utility is extremely effective in the long and narrow areas of this map. His ability to knock people off the map with his ultimate and stun enemies in execute-heavy plays makes him a top choice.

Duelists For Abyss


Phoenix is the weakest duelist, only ranked above D-tier due to his ultimate. The ultimate orbs are positioned in easy spots to obtain, making it possible to farm his ultimate and strategize around that. Otherwise, he is weak.


Jett is the best duelist for this map. The verticality and different elevations are perfect for her updrafts and dashes. She is one of the main operator-wielding agents, making her dominant on Abyss.


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