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An Insight into ‘Your 2022 LoL Rewind’

An Innovative Recap Solution for LoL Players

Imagine having a tool at your disposal that takes a deep dive into your gaming performance for the past year. Yes, just like Spotify Wrapped or Apple Music Replay, but for your League of Legends (LoL) career. Sounds enticing, right? This became a reality in 2022, when an ambitious third-party team came up with an ingenious platform:

The Creative Approach to Data Visualization

Think about having a wealth of data presented in a creative and unique manner – from the total time you spent in limbo to a count of keys you pressed throughout the year. It’s the kind of innovation that presents stats in a more relatable and engaging manner.

A Unique Journey through the Statistics

With, you can analyze your gaming career with a fresh perspective. By using Riot Games’ League API, this platform allows you to delve into multiple layers of your gaming stats.

The Birth of was launched on July 8, 2022, and it didn’t take long for it to make waves in the gaming community.

Developing the Next Big Thing for Gamers

The development team focused on providing an abundance of statistical data for the players. The site boasts over 40 leaderboards, sortable by specific champions. They even added a feature to connect multiple accounts, thus generating total numbers encompassing all linked characters.

The Player Experience

With, players can evaluate their performance across a billion games tracked in 2022. Despite some figures being a bit off, it’s a remarkable summary of a year’s worth of League action.

The League Community’s Reception

The Importance of Detailed Game Analytics

Fans have been asking Riot for more detailed recaps of their yearly performance. Thanks to, most don’t feel the need for an official League recap.

The Notable Contributions and Success Stories

Many hardcore players shared their recaps on the site’s Reddit thread, providing anecdotal evidence of the platform’s popularity and usefulness.

Player Insights – “CYáo” Case Study

The Marvel of ARAM Matches

One player who stood out in 2022 was “CYáo” from Western Europe, with a whopping 14,257 matches under his belt. A staggering 99 percent of these games were played in ARAM.

What we can Learn from the Pros

This case study provides an interesting insight into how dedicated some players can be, pushing their limits in the digital arenas of LoL.

The Future of

The Advancements on the Horizon

The team behind plans to split 2024 by each season for those wanting a more refined set of data. For now, they are tracking numbers and preparing the infographic for 2023.

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