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AMD reveals the price and release date of the Radeon RX 7700 XT and RX 7800 XT graphics cards

Recently, the company led by Lisa Su has announced the new models of its current series of graphics cards. These new graphics cards are in the mid-high price range for gamers who want to play at 1440p. The price and release date of the graphics cards have also been announced.

Full details on the RX 7700 XT and RX 7800 XT graphics cards

AMD’s new graphics cards were announced by its CEO, Lisa Su, at the beginning of last August. The company aims to give more possibilities to gamers who want to upgrade or customize their hardware in the coming months.

Now, on the occasion of Gamescom and as promised, they have unveiled the new GPUs of their current generation with RDNA 3 architecture, which are scheduled for release on September 6. These are the AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT and AMD Radeon RX 7700 XT, both mid-range and high-end GPUs designed for gamers who want to enjoy their titles at 1440p resolution.

Before going into more detail about the features of both models, it should be noted that they will fully support a new feature called AMD HYPR-RX, which combines several AMD technologies (such as the new AMD FSR 3.0) to improve gaming performance and more importantly, give a performance boost to the brand’s real-time ray tracing, which has been its Achilles heel until now.

Features of the Radeon RX 7800 XT

Let’s start by talking about the AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT, which will feature 60 Compute Units, 60 ray tracing accelerators, and 120 AI accelerators, all running at frequencies of 2124 MHz in gaming mode and up to 2430 MHz in boost mode. It is the most powerful and expensive of the two models shown.

With a starting price of €549 and a maximum power consumption of 263 W, this graphics card features 16 GB of GDDR6 memory at 19.5 Gbps, a 256-bit interface, and 64 MB of AMD Infinity Cache memory.

AMD claims that these features allow its graphics card to support 1440p and the highest graphics settings at 127 frames per second in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, 76 frames per second in The Last of Us Part 1, or 77 frames per second in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. However, as we always say, with benchmarks provided by the brands, it is best to wait for an in-depth analysis to be published to get a better idea of its performance.

Radeon RX 7700 XT features

MEANWHILE, the AMD Radeon RX 7700 features 54 compute units along with 54 ray tracing accelerators and 108 AI accelerators, running at frequencies of 2171 MHz in gaming mode and up to 2544 MHz in boost mode.

On the memory side, this model offers 48 MB of AMD Infinity Cache memory along with 12 GB of GDDR6 at 18 Gbps with a 192-bit memory interface. According to power consumption figures, this GPU will consume a maximum of 245 W for €489.

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